2017 Wild Hog kills

  • After losing 3 wounded boars due to the fragility of the 162 grain Eld X (exploding before going through the hard skin of these creatures at close ranges 100-120m) I decided to change the ammunition, had an old express core lokt box and the results have been very different, although they are not the ones that have given me the best results but at least do not disintegrate so easily.

    First night shoot 2, the biggest of the herd and another of the largest ones.


    Recovered one bullet



    Second night


    Third night


    This is all for now, I hope this is just the beginning of the season.

  • Good shooting! Good eating too. Once again, unglamorous cup and core gets the job done.

  • Plenty of meat in the freezer now :wink: Well, I have a permission to control the population so that they do not become a big problem, although at the moment they are not excessive here.

    Last night, 120m head shot, federal fusion 150g, fell on his shadow.


  • @toni said:

    although at the moment they are not excessive here.

    If there are ANY of them there...then they are excessive. They reproduce faster than rabbits.

  • 308 semi or bolt?

  • We do not allow them overpopulated in our small zone :smirk: .

    7mm RM Mauser 96 stright pull bolt :wink:

  • @toni Looks like a lot of fun,I bet they taste good to.

  • They are becoming more and more elusive but this one made a mistake :wink:


  • Last night, when I was going to the feeder heard some noises, I was late the boar was already there so I unfolded the tripod and took the shoot standing. Recovered the bullet, I'm liking this ammo, solid core and reliable expansion (Federal fusion 150g).


  • I finally got this beast, he was feeding in a wheat field about 160 or 170 m from me, the flashlight did not shine that far, I only could see his eyes and intuited his silhouette but decided to take the shot because I probably would not meet such an animal in a long time. Standing with primos tripod, ammo used federal fusion 150g, bullet passed through and he run 30 or 40 m.



  • Mean tusker!! very nice.

  • Where are you hunting them Toni?

  • I hunt them in Spain, in a valley where there are many crops and farmers complain about damage to the crops (more specific details PM me :wink: ).


  • Awesome!

  • Tonight there were several boars feeding, when two or three were in line I took a shot and they run out!
    I went to see what happened there and found this young pig, but I had not shoot this one, he must have been behind. So I kept looking and found the blood trail towards some very dense bushes, tomorrow morning I'll follow the trail if I can get into those dense bushes, I'll keep you updated whish me luck :neutral_face: .


  • I have not had much luck, I have only found this and I still think I shoot a bigger one that was in front and these two were behind. Well I guess this is what happens when the stupid legislation only allows the aid of a flashlight to hunt at night... you just have a second or less since turning on the light to search them, to aim, to decide to shoot or not.

    Ammo used federal fusion 150g, distance 120m, one shot two kills and a wounded one that must be inside the impenetrable bushes there.


  • Two more hogs and a fox, all shot with federal fusion 150g. great bullet for hogs.


  • Are all hog kills in the pictures? How many total this season?
    They are keeping you busy.

  • Indeed very busy but I like it ;)
    There are not all here, the ones that are missing is simply because I have not taken photos, it is usually late and I have to load it in the car, peel and cut it.
    To date 19 hogs this season and 3 lost wounded.