Happy Easter

  • I hope everyone had a safe and fruitful Easter weekend. We had our family all together and had an excellent weekend here. :)

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    Happy Easter to everyone!
    @Orkan, @brittel, and I got some quality .22 shooting in today. @gash made food for the Easter gathering and it was all excellent.

    It was been a while since I got out there and got some shooting done and I was glad that I didn't forget what I was doing out there.

    I started with shooting a couple of targets with the Martini
    After I got the first one out of my system I did another

    Then it was time for all of us to get involved. Orkan took the top row, I took the middle, and Brittel did the bottom row.

    Then we decided that all 3 of us would shoot the same target to see how it came out

    Then it was time for the hostage targets. We did these @50 yards with a pretty decent wind to our back

    All in all it was a fun Easter and fun shoot. I think we will be making this a tradition for every gathering we do.

    What did everyone else do?

  • Happy Easter to all.
    You folks sound like you had a great time.:smile:
    My wife and I had a quiet day here, enjoying each other's company and a beautiful day of sunshine.

  • Nice shooting guys!

    I had a nice quiet day at home with the family. Went swimming with the kids and had a nice ham dinner my wife made.

  • Yes Happy belated Easter to everyone! It was fun hosting the family and doing the Easter Bunny stuff :) We had turkey and a few sides...simple was the name of the game!