XLR Scope Rings

  • Yea, wow.

    Smooth well thought out.

  • Guy would have to be really careful removing them so as not to have screws and springs go flying everywhere... but other than that I think they show promise. I'll definitely be trying some next time I need a budget set of rings.

  • Those are nice looking. I like the recoil lug in them as well.

  • @orkan

    My first thought when I saw the spring.

  • If the screw is as long as it should be then the spring shouldn't be a big deal. Reality is the rings will work fine without the springs.

  • That is some detailed machine work.
    I would love to watch a complete cycle on a tooling center just to see the tool paths used.
    Everything appears to have a nice fillet or chamfer.
    Guessing that the guide pins are pressed in.

  • Those look like some sweet rings.
    The design is well thought out and as Hypo said "Everything appears to have a nice fillet or chamfer".
    I doubt that the screw needs to be completely removed and the springs will probably facilitate installation and removal by moving the steel side plate out of the way.
    And besides that they are pretty.:laughing:

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