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  • Is there a way to pull pictures or documents directly from our own computers like found on SF?

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    Thank you for your post.

    We have the ability to upload images from your computer on the Gunhive firearm gallery, load data, classifieds, and blacklist but not offer that ability on the forum. The best way to share images on the Gunhive forum is to use a third-party hosting site such as If you copy/paste the direct image link (it will end in .jpg or something like it) into your post the Gunhive forum will automatically embed your image into your post.

  • @irish Thank you sir, I appreciate you guys patience.

  • Third party hosting is a pain in the ass! Are their plans to change it? Maybe Taptalk?

  • @para72 said:

    Third party hosting is a pain in the ass! Are their plans to change it? Maybe Taptalk?

    Third party hosting on sites like imgur have many great benefits when compared with direct upload of images on individual forums. With Imgur, you can upload your pics in one place, and embed or link them anywhere you choose. If you upload directly to a forum, you can only use them there on that forum, and only users that are logged in are typically allowed to see it. Also, the way most forum software works, it does not allow you to embed the images inline, but rather "attach" them to the post, which the logged in users then have to click on.

    Another great benefit is that you retain control of your images outside of any forum you happen to be participating on, and the third-party link to those images will remain the same indefinitely. So regardless of what happens on one forum, anywhere else you have it linked/embedded will stay put.

    Third party hosting is extremely advantageous. If you find it to be a "pain in the ass" it is likely that you have not discovered the image hosting service that is the right fit for you yet. I would strongly consider that you get an Imgur account setup and give it a try. Once logged in, you can drag/drop pictures right onto it, offering the simplest upload you can imagine. Then, it will provide direct image links, bbcode, html, and various other methods to link/embed that picture. You can also set it so that none of the images are displayed to the public gallery, and when linked, your images do not contain your album directory... which ensures others can not browse your entire gallery if you do not want them to. They also have an app for your smart phone, which will allow you to take pictures and directly upload from your phone. < That is something which is invaluable to a shooter that wants to share his range experiences on forums.

    Obviously allows you to upload your images directly to your firearm profiles and range reports, however we have no plans to offer image uploads to the forum directly as it would create too many limitations for our member base. We do understand that some people are unfamiliar with the 3rd party image hosts however, and we will be creating some guides on how to use them here effectively soon.

    There are also no plans to integrate tapatalk, as the entire site is what is referred to as "responsive," meaning that it is 100% mobile functional. Tapatalk was designed for sites that are not responsive, and served that role very well. Yet as technology advances, apps like tapatalk will become obsolete. Our forum is built around the most advanced architecture available today, and we are dedicated to ensuring it stays on the cutting edge.

  • I do most of my posting on mobile and it works very well. Just using the chrome browser.

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    We made a tutorial to show how to use Imgur and how to post images on the Gunhive forum


  • Thanks for all the help!!:clap:

  • Testing if photobucket is a lost cause:

    alt text

  • I used photobucket exclusively until about 3 weeks ago. For some reason they took down all my pics and replaced them with "increase bandwidth" pics. I was not even at 20% of my usable capacity. I am currently at the suggestion of orkan using Imgur. In the past the iOS app for Imgur was not very useful...but the current version is pretty good. Either that or I just never took the time to learn it before.

  • Going to Imgur myself.
    I had paid for the zero advertising on Photobucket but that wasn't enough for the third party hosting.

    Imgur is faster to load on my phone anyhow.