TSSRA Military Match

  • The key thing to shooting competitively is to make the best ammo you can and practice under realistic conditions with that ammo and the gun you're going to shoot, right? Except, I decided Friday night that I was going to enter the Military Match at the TSSRA Spring Match. I'd never shot that match. I had no time for load development because it was dark by the time I got home. I'd never shot the rifle. And, I had no bullets cast. Fools rush in. I found 32 ancient (like mid-1980s) Lyman hardcast commercial bullets labeled Smitters on the box that said they weighed 565 grains. Quickly pan lubed them with Emmerts that I make up myself because all the factory lube had crystallized and fallen off. Took a wild guess that 70 grains of 1980s vintage Goex Cartridge would be about right in a 45-70 Government. Added a veggie wad and compressed the powder until all the lube was in the case. The rifle is a Pedersoli copy of an 1873 Springfield Armory Trap Door Officer's Model. The tang sight is completely blank as far as elevation marks and there is no windage adjustment. Saturday, the wind was blowing right to left full value at 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph. Military shoots the 200 yard target at 100 yards and my target frame was blowing back and forth like Joe Cocker. I fired 12 shots to get an idea where the sights needed to be and how far off to hold for the combination of cock-eyed sights and wind. I got the elevation mostly right and figured I needed to hold 5-7 inches left. That left me enough ammo to shoot two targets. This is the first one. It won the match. The first 5 shots went in the middle...and then I looked. Got all excited and shot the 5 in the orange. The second target didn't quite match this one, scoring 228/250. Second place shot 230 with a 50-70 Rolling Block with adjustable sights and smokeless powder. Man, I wish I had 50# of that old Goex.

  • Nice shooting!

  • Very good!

    I have a trapdoor that I have played with a little bit. I used a 405 gr hollow base lee die and goex powder. It is a fun rifle to shoot.

  • I would not even be able to make out that target at 100 yards without my glasses. Nice shooting!