EoTech Refund....

  • EoTech sucks. This I know.
    To an extent it actually pains me to say this, because I was a huge of the huge window and I used one for five deployments and training cycles, and as far as I could tell the thing never once shifted its zero. Never used it beyond CQM range in extreme weather though.

    But a mission critical piece of gear that fails to function on such a colossal level is absolutely unacceptable. And that L3 hid the problem...well there's a special spot in hell for the guy who planned that one....

    So now that I've sent it back, where the hell is my refund?
    I went through the process of shipping it as L3 dictated and in late December I got a conformation saying it had been recieved.

    I have the refunds marked for a new optic, and it bothers me to see my "primary weapon system" reduced in efficacy.
    Has anyone heard anything about when these refunds are supposed to come out, or better yet has anyone heard of someone receiving their refund?


  • Boy that stinks. I haven't heard any news, but I have seen several reports on various websites just like yours. I truly hope everyone is made whole.

  • I was actually selling my 512 and was informed that EOTech was buying it back. He told me it took from November to early February to get the check. I am actually going to mail mine off either tonight or tomorrow. So fingers crossed it won't take that long.

  • Well that's good to know, mine should be coming down the pipeline shortly....

    Good luck with yours

  • Meaning to update this, this is a cut and paste from another forum I'm on

    I found a support link

    If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at (888) 368-4656 or email us at support.eotech@L-3com.com.

    The phone number is fairly useless, but I just sent an email off.
    Now I wait. Again. Damn L3

    Fast response to that email.

    Good Morning,
    Refund requests that have been returned can now be tracked thru our refund call center.

    Refunds can take up to 12 weeks.

    Please call 1 888 EOTHOLO
    Option 3 in the sub menu
    1 for the refund call center

  • Well for all my shit talking EOTech came through. Got my check tonight.

    They say they'll alert you by email that your check is coming, but they didn't for me. Just showed up in the mail.

    Now the question, do I want an ELCAN in a few months, or an Aimpoint T-2 Rright now?

    Also fuck eotech, actually all of L3 in general

  • @ragnarnar said:

    Now the question, do I want an ELCAN in a few months, or an Aimpoint T-2 Rright now?

    Kind of depends on the purpose of the rifle. Obviously for close range work, a red dot is a red dot. T2's are tiny, and tough. They don't cross over into the mid range territory at all though.

    Elcan Specter DR 1x/4x is the ultimate rifle sight for rifles that require close and intermediate capability. I've used the bdc in my elcan to engage targets out to 800yds, and it will do 500yds with boring regularity.

    If you'd like to talk it out or pick one up sometime, just give me a call. :)