Adding to round count without range report?

  • Is there a way to add to a barrels round count without doing a range report? For example I stopped today and took 3 shots at water jugs from field positions. Seems a bit silly to create a range report for this but unless I'm missing something, I have to do so in order to get those 3 rounds added to the round count?

  • You must add a range report each time. I know it seems needless, but in order for the data to be managed correctly, the process must remain the same for each instance. It is, however, not necessary to fill in any data other than how many rounds you fired.

    Most often, that is exactly what I do. I just click range report, select your barrel, click next, fill in your round count, and click save/exit. I leave everything else blank. In specific instances, it can be helpful to have ALL of that data however. In those instances, I fill everything out and try to have accompanying pictures.

  • Gotcha. Thanks!