TS Customs New Website

  • www.tscustom.com

    Have a look. :)

  • That is some awesome work there.
    Seeing Travis's work and the results definitely creates a desire.

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • Looks good.

  • very nice

  • Also he made the PRS list as one of the most used gunsmith by the competitors.

  • I love that build video he used to have. Is it still around?

    That other coyote guy did it I think.

  • Thanks all! Greg and DakotaPC did an absolute awesome job on the new site I think!

  • @hypo I think it's on oniellops YouTube page

  • Nice web sight,thanks for posting it.Travis puts some very nice rifles together.I will be talking to him soon about a build.

  • @steelbanger Talked to Travis today and he will be building me a rifle.He made the whole process very easy.Looking forward to getting it in my hands and shooting,Now all i got to do is wait.

  • Sweet! What you getting built?

  • 223AI Ti Fusion Alpine port,Game scout edge,Benchmark #4 barrel at 16",Hawkins Precision dm.Jewell hvr trigger.I will be shooting 75 gr amax in a handy light weight short rifle.Cant wait to shoot it.

  • That will be a nice rifle.

    Just a suggestion. Don't get too attached to a particular bullet until you see what the barrel shoots best...otherwise you may not ever see the accuracy potential of the rifle.

  • I've got the same sorta build in mind, an all around light shooting easy rifle for squirrels/coyotes/beer cans/whatever.

    I'm collecting parts i've got a t6a and a t4a ready to go. I've taken to heart Gregs comments about trying every thing yourself, so I'm trying to decide on which action I want now.

    For this one wanted a heavier barrel for longer strings and probably a little longer length because I worry about the 223 AI with heavies not being able to take full advantage of the extra capacity without some extra barrel.

    I'm interested to see how yours turns out.

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  • @ragnarnar said:

    I'm trying to decide on which action I want now.

    Lone Peak.

    Lone Peak is the one you want.

  • I've got a lone peak razor (LA, build in progress) is the fuzion that much different?

    I was thinking Impact! actions. I've heard positive things about those.

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  • @ragnarnar said:

    is the fuzion that much different?

    The fuzion has integral everything.

  • @ragnarnar I have a couple of 223ai rifles with 20 inch barrels and a friend who has 18 inch barrel,no issue with either 20&18 inch barrels shooting 75 gr slugs.

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