barrel nut and wrench

  • Does anyone know where I can get a setup like this for barrels threaded for Howa? YDaYtpu.jpg


  • Howa has a fixed recoil lug?
    If so then a switch barrel would be possible using this system..
    I see what you are trying to do.

  • @hypo said:

    Howa has a fixed recoil lug?
    If so then a switch barrel would be possible using this system..
    I see what you are trying to do.

    Yes, integral lug.
    I could put a 6.5CM on the .308 platform 2m2z9z8.jpg

  • @tscustoms Travis, you have a bead on anything like that?

    Mamalukino, may I ask why you would want to do it that way vs just having barrels shouldered correctly which you can then swap out using an action wrench?

  • I could order the barrels chambered and head space them myself.

  • OK. Just making sure. :)

    I tagged Travis on this, so we'll see if he has any sources. I'm fresh out of luck.

  • I don't know if that nut will degrade accuracy. I am looking to see if it is practical or do as you suggested. I know that way there would be everything cut square and assure no degradation.

  • I thought about this so I'll be interested to see what is said.

    I would think that if you got someone to make the parts it would work, Savage, Remington and Bighorn actions are able to use barrel nuts, along with the New RPR, 783, AR15 and others.

    Anyways interested in what's said.

  • That's a new one to me. I've not seen the Savage/Remage style nuts for Howa anywhere. Can't feature it being hard to produce.
    The only advantage I see to the nut system is the availability of less expensive barrel options from the likes of Criterion, McGowen, NSS, ER Shaw, Shilen, etc.
    The thing I dislike about the nut system is that is pretty much impossible to return a barrel on to exactly the same headspace it was the first, second, third times you had it on.
    A solid shouldered barrel returns to the exact same headspace - within .0001's - if using the same torque value.

  • The pictures were from a shop in Germany.
    Besides switching barrels, what I was thinking is I could buy a barrel and have the threads cut x long and have the chambered barrel sent to me.
    I suppose it is not such a good idea as there is no assurance that everything will remain concentric/squared.

  • the threads on the howa/vanguard rifles is a non standard threadform ie. not a 60 degree but a 55 degree thread. when i rebarrelled my howa i recut the threads to a standard form and pitch using a plug like a helitap to mate up to a savage thread.

  • I'm going to ask another smith that I know works on Howas.

  • Well got a reply really quick...

    **I have not seen that.
    Nor have I ever seen pre-fit barrels for the Howa.
    Howa uses M26x1.5 threads so not many gunsmiths like to work on them.

    Since there are no pre-fit barrels, a gunsmith will need to fit each barrel.
    Since a gunsmith is fitting the barrel, there is no need for a barrel nut.
    A user can easily swap gunsmith fitted barrels with just a barrel wrench and an action vise with no worries about headspace adjustment as a gunsmith-fitted barrel does NOT have adjustable headspace like a barrel nut setup does.**

    So just like Travis said, might as well go with shouldered barrels.