April Range Report Thread

  • 7 shots....

  • 6/10 at 600 on a clean barrel. It walked around for the first few and then settled in to be consistent.


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  • Don't know how many shots today. Seems my ole Daisy's trigger is plum wore out. Time for a new 880 or a trigger and bolt repair. All lefty, every day. Seems to be getting a bit more natural.

  • I am really liking this buckmark/rmr combo. 9/10 at 25 yards on a 4" plate.


  • Shot 5 +1

  • Parts to fix the trigger cost more than a new one. New 880 zeroing scope today. Have to wait and see if it all settles in. Trigger 100% better....:smile:

  • some range time today. Broke out the 300wsm bench gun. Tricky wind and lack of patience hurt me.
    9 in the center, wind change 3 high, one left and low and one low. 14 shots 400 yards.

  • I only had 15 rounds left in the box...so no sighters. Still shot a 1025...so not too bad.


  • @dddoo7 did you by chance have about a 8mph 3:00 wind?

  • @orkan

    Wind was blowing some...but I was in too big of a hurry to check direction. Shame on me. I will bet you are right though.

    I had to hold left...but I have been doing that for the last several targets. I need to adjust zero...but seems like every time I do it changes back to where it was. I struggle with chasing the wind.

  • 10 shots; new Rifle shoots real good when the rear support (me) isn't wobbling:laughing:

  • It is so satisfying to KNOW that when the trigger is squeezed an animal is going to drop. This is the application of all the "rimfire challenges".

    I also shot one at about 65 yards...but didn't retrieve it. This one was just shy of 50.

  • I made it out to the range today, been so busy with work and the weather has been utter crap.

    Shot the 40x terribly, also did some pistol work.

    I need to do more of this, I'm terrible with pistols.


    Also, the m&p seems well designed, ergonomically it agrees with me, but I have no idea why they put texture on the underside of the trigger guard it eats my middle finger raw.

    I need lots of practice with pistol, as you can see with the target my miss is left, and usually up but it was low today for some reason.

  • Shoot two groups today, all aiming at the center diamond first 3 rem corelokt next 3 federal fusion, need more practise I still can't manage recoil and allways lose the target after the shot.

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  • I left my 40x loaded (not chambered) yesterday after shooting starlings. Today I pulled it out and noticed a fine powder on the center x bullet. I am pretty sure that burnt powder from the center x is collecting in the suppressor and then falling down the barrel when I put it back in the safe. I know I need to clean the suppressor as I am getting way too many fliers that I know are not me. When I took the suppressor off I could bump it on my hand and powder fell out. I think I'm gonna clean the suppressor and then store the rifle with suppressor off for a while. That powder can't be good for the barrel or the cold bore shot.


  • Easy way to tell for sure @dddoo7... take the suppressor off and shoot it like that for a bit.

  • That is true.

  • 14 shots, last shot only one hitting a hair left of POA. All me:unamused: ...frustrated...tomorrow is another day...think I need a range day real bad.

  • We had a very calm evening. I hit 5/5 at 600 on the 2/3 torso. 3/5 hit the 6" center plate. The first shot was on the left side of the plate...adjusted scope. Hit 6" plate twice. Missed the 6" plate on the 4th shot because the whole thing was swinging side to side. I have to change how it is hanging. Then the last shot hit the 6" plate too.

    I also heard a gobbler gobble when right after I fired the first shot.


  • Finally no wind, 7 shots, first five right of POA; dialed adjustment, POA=POI :satisfied:

  • Only 3/5 today. Wind has picked up since yesterday.


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  • even though it was 51 drizzling I made it to the range. Broke out the 338LM. First timein over a year.
    First 3 not good dialed in ,next 4 center, then attempt one at each x. 400 yards
    40x repeater at 100, 25 shots at each dot. Used Wolf MT then switched to Geco. Took 5 shots to settle back in after ammo switch.
    Really like my 6br 1-14 twist, with 68 grain Barts Ultra. Allin all not a bad day at the range. Trying to get in as much range time possible before class.

  • 1st range day in a while; 11 shots, first 4 was me getting set up. Shooting lefty is still awkward.
    Real happy here; 15 shots.
    80 grain SMK with 24.0 RL15, CCI #41srp and LC16 brass, 2.465 COAL

  • Orkan and I had some fun shooting today:

    Orkan decided to shoot one of his 40x's while kneeling and leaning on the table -


    I had to give it one last go right before all light went away. It as hard to see the target but I got er' done and achieved my highest score yet 1350 baby! YEHAW!

  • after dark shoot.


  • I shoot much better when the position is stable.
    That was not today.
    Back to the home range:unamused: .

  • Made a mini IPSC steel target today for banging away at 914 from my window.:laughing: Didn't have any black or white paint so I went with "Hawaiian Chrome".

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  • Bangin' steel baby!

  • Well. I am struggling with the rimfire challenge. I don't know if it is my grip changing or what...but it walks all over. It is not the rifle though because these are the groups I shot before and after. (Scope changed between the groups)

  • @dddoo7 it is like quicksand the harder you try the worse it gets. Take 5 and just shoot one target and convince yourself you do not care what the score is. Quiet the mind and let it go. Stay in the present and focus on your W.I.N.(what's important now). Change targets get your groove back and then start.

  • I was frustrated with how I shot earlier...and I have been chasing this issue for a while now. I decided to lay down behind the gun and sort it out. I can shoot tight little groups like I had the gun set up...but had trouble keeping them on the dots when changing dots after each shot. I tried shooting a 5 shot group like normal and it was tight. I then completely rested my head on the cheek piece and shot another 5 shot group. Again...it was not as tight but not bad...but poi changed. I then shot a group without touching the cheek piece and the group was VERY tight...and poi changed again. I ended up lowering the cheek piece some and now only contact it very lightly...and the rifle shoots as it should. I think this is my best score ever.


  • It makes shooting fun when you sort out a problem and the results are repeatable. I always shoot off a one piece rest, one of these days I will have to try a bipod and rear bag. I will still shoot off a bench because my 76 year old body doesn't like prone at all. Wayne

    BTW; nice shooting

  • @rimfire

    I am hoping it is repeatable. These are the last of 50 rounds of experimenting that I shot today. If I can get it to do the same thing tomorrow I will be very excited!

  • Floating your head and seeing better results is the easy way out of diagnosing the tough problem. You should be able to use the rifle comb to support the majority of your heads weight. If you're throwing shots as a result, then it's likely the rear support/NPA of the rifle needs work.

    I suspect some muscling of the rifle taking place in the natural firing position when the weight of your head is on the rifle. The lateral load of your head on one side needs to be balanced slightly in some cases by counter stacking the rear bag to handle the load. Physics apply to all things.

    Your head should rest completely on the rifle, as much as is possible being it's only one side of your face. Don't give up @dddoo7. The class is just a few weeks away and it might fill in some blank spaces.

  • @orkan

    I'm looking forward to it. I can see that this can be a long road without experienced instruction.

  • I also got to shoot my DTA with my dad today. We were out working on setting a post for my 600 yard target and shot while we were out there.

    I had to cut down the tree that my target was in because it was about shot in half. @orkan warned me...but I had to learn first hand. Lol.

    I now have a 20' 6x6 post set and will hang the target off to the side and put a steel guard on the post to protect it from random


  • I wanted to test my skills in the wind :)
    Shot with my Anshutz, 50 yards. 10 rounds total.
    Wind: 20mph sustained with 30mph+ gusts from 9 o'clock. You can see a couple gusts got me.
    Temp: 37F feels like 26F


  • Today got to shoot at the range with a crazy wind. Couldn't make up its mind which direction or speed it wanted to run. Blew down my 200 yard target.:laughing: Shot 16 rounds of .308 and 19 rounds of .223 at the steel out to 905 yards. With the .308 went 1 out of 3 on the 905 and out to 570 with the .223.
    Also shot a fat bag full of 5.56 from my 20" AR out to 510 yards.

  • Those 80 grain ELD-M bullets might make it to 905.

    2600 fps
    50 feet ASL
    85 degrees 85% RH
    29.92 mb pressure

    At 2800 fps they make it with a bit of velocity to spare.

  • @hypo
    No doubt. I want to shoot them eventually, unfortunately opportunities don't present themselves to often to be able to shoot anything to the 900. Today wasn't the day with the kind of wind we were served.

  • Bangin' the mini IPSC and the gong, back on the home range.

  • Not the 1200 I shot yesterday...but ok given the shifty wind. I have my cheek rest back in place and am trying to learn to drive it better. Only a couple more weeks till the class!!!


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