April Range Report Thread

  • Thank you to all the people that participated in the GunHive Challenge for March 2017 and we look forward to seeing April's challenge.


    1.) Fire at least 1 (one) deliberate round at a target. (living or not)

    2.) A daily code will be posted in the early morning hours (after midnight Central time zone) and this code will be required for your photo (see rule 3)* The daily code will be posted by @mamalukino

    3.) Take a picture of the result, including your firearm, your bullet hole, mark on steel, or dead critter. The code, target and firearm no longer need to be in the same picture. As long as you write the code on the target; you can take separate pictures of the target with code and another of firearm used.

    4.) Post those pictures in the range report thread. At the beginning of each month, include your time zone; as pictures must be posted by 11:59 p.m. your time zone.

    5.) Do this at least one time per day, for the entire month

    6.) BB guns and such are still allowed as long as the projectile you're firing is metal you're good.

    At the end of the month, each shooter to complete the challenge will be added to the leader board and will be entered to receive the Gunhive.com Shooters Challenge prize!

    Thank you and we all look forward to the results!
    April 1st's code is: SUM
    Have fun and post your pictures.:smile:

  • Better today. Still horrible mirage. Dots are dancing about 3/8" at times.


  • @dddoo7 said:

    Still horrible mirage. Dots are dancing about 3/8" at times.

    So what is that teaching you?

  • A bit unstable (physically) today; 5 shots , #s 3 and 5 hit the POA. #s 2 and 4 share the right wobble hole and #1 is the left.

  • @orkan

    I'm better off shooting early morning or just before dark.

    Some afternoons are ok with mirage...but not today.

    I just hate to pack up and drive home once I am out there.

  • @dddoo7 said:


    I'm better off shooting early morning or just before dark.

    Some afternoons are ok with mirage...but not today.

    I just hate to pack up and drive home once I am out there.

    That's one way of looking at it I guess.

    The way I would look at it, is shooting in heavy mirage is a great way to learn how to shoot in heavy mirage. The mirage is not always your enemy. It can reveal a great many things. Though as with so many things... we are constantly told much by the world around us, but we pay attention to little.

  • @orkan

    I did notice that If I turned the power on the scope down the mirage "appeared" to be better. You had told me to try this one time...however I don't think it really got any better. With the power down I had a much more difficult time determining where on the dot I was holding.

    When a shot "felt" perfect it ALWAYS was. Sometimes when it felt slightly off it was a lot off. Other times when it felt slightly off it was pretty close.

    I am all for learning to shoot in mirage. I would be very open to listening to your instruction on what to look for, what mirage teaches, and how to cope with it if you have the time.

  • 4XpXRJa.jpg

  • Starting with April 2nd and going forward the Gunhive.com Shooters Challenge daily code will no longer be posted.
    Instead of a daily code, post the date with your pictures.

  • 1st shot of 5....then 2 pulled left and 2 more 10 ring....need to engage trigger sraight back, no push or pull.....

  • 4/2

  • 5/6 in the center at 20 yards.


  • X7RIfAJ.jpg

  • 4/3
    9 o'clock wind


  • Shooting lefty everyday; Last shot (head) was POA-POI cant say that for 7 of the 10.
    Still weak and wobbly.....

  • 5C898BE5-88CD-4DC4-B6F1-C1543D90C809_zpsbxewrrqx.jpg

  • vCQFH4w.jpg


  • Made some changes to my rifle today; put a cheek piece on and moved the scope back about 1/2 inch. Put up a big target to catch the impact and then make adjustments. Well cold bore was a bullseye; had to go outside and take a picture..LOL:laughing: Shot 4 more, the ones to the left and then adjusted the E and W and shot 5 more, 10 total. All lefty.
    Here is the cold bore again...:smile:

  • CCI_000014_zpsq2gk98fs.jpg


  • @dddoo7
    When your rifles appear, I don't see your targets.

  • I am happy with today's 5 shots; first 2 in the same hole then I JERKED #3. Having a good cheek weld has really helped steady things up. I am happy with the progress in shooting lefty; I may need to invest in a lefthanded action in the future.


  • It's stormy today, wind is swirly and strong. Not ideal conditions for rimfire, however I want to learn so I shot regardless and I learned a lot! :)


  • I went to shoot the DTA today and the guy that owns the woods behind the field i shoot in was turkey hunting. I figured I would be neighborly and not start lobbing lead down into the woods...especially seeing as I didnt know exactly where he was.

    I came back home and shot this. I bought t in early Jan but haven't shot it till today. It is a buckmark and is waiting to be cut and threaded and ceracoated by @tscustoms

    First 20 rounds made a nice little group. I need to adjust the rmr to match point of aim. The thing is loud without a suppressor. I have been spoiled.


  • Crazy wind this a.m.; could see the curve ball trajectory:laughing: :laughing: Zero kept changing.
    Waited out the morning blow and then shot 10 of the critters.

  • Very crazy wind today. About 25mph and different directions. Went from half dot left hold to full dot right...and I am pretty sure it made an up and down difference too. Still managed to center punch a few though.

    40x at 50y

  • @dddoo7 said:

    Went from half dot left hold to full dot right...

    You have a mil scope. You call holds in mils!!! Dots are arbitrary.


  • @orkan

    Good point. I need to start paying attention relative to the reticle instead of the dot. Common sense I guess...but I just hadn't considered it.

  • Had some fun today shooting the point circles on the Rimfire Challenge. My goal was to, at the very least, break the line on each one...I missed the ZERO with the black dot by it. Shot low. All others, I got on my first attempt.


  • @gash Awesomeness:smile:

  • @mamalukino Thanks! :)

  • Rear support (me) is way too wobbly somedaze, I would like either a bench or to shoot prone.
    5 dots; 17 shots....:-1: :laughing:

  • Better today...but still not perfect. I'm won't be satisfied till it is perfect...consistently. But for now better will have to do.


  • @dddoo7 make sure you are aware of the fact that with certain lot numbers of ammo, you will run into ammo being your bottleneck with 22lr at 50yds.

    Have you seen me turn in a perfect score yet on the rimfire challenge?

    By the end of the course in May, you'll have a better understanding on how to identify whether you're running into that or not. Still, even if you're shooting flawlessly, there are so many variables in the ammo and the conditions outdoors that it is a monumental, if not insurmountable feat to consistently clean an ARA target @ 50yds. You must land each of your bullets within roughly 1/4" of center to accomplish it. Wayne ( @rimfire ) can tell you that there are very few 2500's shot in benchrest ARA competition. These are bench guns with tuners, using single-piece rests. The most stable return-to-zero rests available to shooters... and even then they just can't do it consistently.

    Consistently hitting a 1/2" dot is significantly easier... but still can be difficult if you have poor conditions or a cranky batch of ammo. This is especially true off a bipod and rear bag. Though this is also what makes rimfire such a great learning tool. ... but chasing tiny groups or high scores TOO much, can drive you insane. I get driven insane by it every spring. ;)

  • @orkan

    I didn't see this post till now. I hope I always strive for perfection...although I realize that conditions or ammo may very well be the limiting factor at time. I also know that I am at times a limiting factor as well and that is the variable I am striving to improve.

    I shot the srs today at 600 yards. New load. Checked zero on paper and it is only 0.1 mil lower than previous load. I got several hits on the plate even though the wind tried to defeat me. In calm wind it was 0.4 right. At heavy wind it was 0.8 right.


  • @dddoo7 Thou shalt not covert thy neighbors shooting irons......:laughing:

    or range....

  • @mamalukino

    I'm about to lose my range. The farmer is planting corn now. When that is done he will plant beans in this field. Then I will be stuck shooting 600y steel only for 4 months.

  • 5 shots; need to replace some parts on this gun. Bolt popped out after the last shot. I put it back together and now need to rezero. I have had this rifle for 8 or 9 years and 1000s of shots thru it. Time to rebuild.

  • @dddoo7 said:


    I'm about to lose my range. The farmer is planting corn now. When that is done he will plant beans in this field. Then I will be stuck shooting 600y steel only for 4 months.

    No rimfire either!?!?!?

  • @orkan

    I have 100 yards in my backyard that I can shoot suppressed subsonic. I might try suppressed 308 this year too...but there is a restaurant next door and I want to keep the peace. I know it is my right...and they have never complained...I just don't want to make enemies over something like that.

  • Fixed the rifle yesterday and zeroed again. Today shot 5 +1. Shooting lefty, standing front supported, everyday. Need some prone or bench range time with a centerfire.

  • FNX tactical today.

    On a side note...my lifetime hunting license arrived yesterday. I am pretty stoked about not having to ever buy another TN license.


  • Finally got to do some shooting today. Decided to give the rim-fire target a go with my 6br at 100 yards.

  • My rifle loves 140 and 145 grain bullets, first and third shots I checked the level but on the second I forgot it. I think the scope reticle is canted to the left and I allways tend to cant the rifle to the right (trying to level the reticle) when I don't check the scope level :unamused:


  • If I place my finger higher on the trigger the break is softer, less poundage and less push or pull of POA. 6 dots 8 shots.

  • I shot 1000 today.


  • Rainy days and Tuesdays

    Nice sunset anyway.

  • Some days are better than others; today was not so good.....:tired_face:

  • Banned

    Had a revolver/lever action lust today. .357 cured me. To be honest I got a little bored of it by about round 30, but shot the lot of 50 just to be sure I was no longer infected. Distance was 30-50 yards.



  • @brittel what revolver?

    I'm currently thinking a .357 6" or so would be really fun to bring in the deer blind and try and get one.

    The 686 looks nice but I don't know crap about revolvers.

  • Banned

    @rhyno Ruger police service six.

    I thought I would enjoy the two firearms more than I did. I'm glad I was able to try them out instead of buying them to find out I'm not real interested. I like purpose built tools too much I suppose.