Options to train at backyard other than dry fire

  • I am still learning to correctly apply the fundamentals of marksmanship, I need to shoot more and trips to the range are very distant to keep progressing so I wonder if an air rifle (.177 or .22 cal) which I could shoot in the backyard will help or a 22LR, although I do not think that I can shoot it in the backyard safely. What is your opinion?

  • A high quality air rifle can certainly allow you to practice fundamentals.

  • My opinion is that if a high velocity air rifle is safe...then a .22lr will also be safe. A suppressed .22 bolt gun is quieter than many air rifles. I would (and did) go with a 40x...have it cut and threaded...add a suppressor.

    Either way (air or .22lr) you will want a decent back stop so that it is safe. My backstop is a little over a mile of trees and corn fields before it would get to the next house.

  • What are you working with?
    Acreage, backstop, neighbors, city limits, county ordinances?

    Neighbors are cool, no ordinances in unincorporated County for me.
    My yard drops off at a 30 degree slope and then comes back up.
    800 acres on the property behind us that our 4 acre lot was cut out of. Can stretch to 75 yards but keep target at 50.
    5.56 FMJ plows through the dirt for about 8 feet.
    HPBT explode instantly. Consider ammo too.



  • There is not much room, aprox. 40 yards long and behind there is a wall of about 2 yards tall also neighbors in all sides. But if here real fire practise is not possible (safely and noiseless) I'd like to progress anyway at other place (cheapest possible). I currently own a Marlin 22lr which I can't shoot good, at least with the ammo I tried, neither has a supressor.

  • An air rifle will do you well. You can set up a 10 or 25 meter range.
    There are very quiet air rifles available and simple backstops are very effective.

  • That's what I thought, question is how much well when I shoot my 7mm RM hunting rifle?

  • Careful, you can get in deep $$$$ with air rifles too.

    Can have them shipped directly to you without going through an FFL.

    Pyramid Air is probably the biggest online retailer.
    I have used Champions Choice.

    This was for a young girl shooting High School JROTC air rifle.
    Her parents and grandparents got the gun. Our gift was the Hard case and hand stop and ISSF sling and a bipod.
    She is my step kids step sister. Their dad remarried. Have known her for 12 years.


    Her on podium#2 with her AMU partner. We are an hour away from Ft Benning.


    Talladega CMP Air rifle electronic scoring


    Test Target that came with rifle.



    I had to try it. The trigger is amazing.


    Budget is your limit right up to Olympic Levels of equipment.

    Orion Scoring System is used to computer scan paper targets if a complete Kongsberg System is not used.



  • Then again there was a house here in Atlanta on the Market with a 100 yard underground range and reloading room.
    It is under contract. Lasted less than a month. It is over by CDC.
    The broker sold it himself. No agents got a commission, darn it.

  • @toni

    An air rifle will allow you to practice the fundamentals of marksmanship and give you trigger time.
    An outdoor shooting range will have you doing wind calls, whether 10 or 25 yards or utilizing your entire yard.

  • Thanks everyone, if I go the air rifle route which specs should I take into account when choosing the rifle?

  • PCP, Pre Charged Pneumatic is the high end.
    Single Stroke Piston is what PCP replaced.

    Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, Walther Steyr are the top brands.
    Anschutz 2002, Feinwerkbau 602 are older SSP rifles that were competitive back in their day.

    Newer Sporter Class rifles are under $500.
    Targettalk.org is one good resource.

    You will need Air Rifle rated scopes or the Aperture sights.

  • Found a listing for an Anschutz 2002.

    This is the easy highest quality route without charging tanks.


    Daisy Avanti in another listing $250 but it is bottom instead of side cocking.
    Bottom cocking = no bipod.
    Position shooting only without an accessory rail.