Burger in a bowl

  • Burger in a bowl


    When you are gluten free and mostly grain free, you come up with creative ways to eat your favorite items. Typically when I have a burger I'll use Bell Peppers, Mushroom Caps or Lettuce for my bun. Sometimes I'm too lazy to deal with all of that so I do up a burger in a bowl. Simply cook your burger how you wish, throw some lettuce down in a bowl, add your favorite burger toppings, chunk up your burger, add it to the bowl and enjoy! Saves you the headache of trying to keep lettuce or other vegetables wrapped around the burger while you eat and you keep your hands clean ;)

  • I forgot to mention that this works at restaurants too...you can simply ask them to throw a bed of lettuce down and put your burger, complete with all the toppings, on the lettuce :) Way easier for them to understand then attempting a lettuce wrap or something else creative.