This could have been a really interesting morning

  • I received a flat rate box of 223 from a guy Saturday. He wanted it all converted to 300 blackout, tumbled, and annealed.

    This morning I was about 150 rounds into rough cutting on my new cut off saw that I made for my drill press when the case feeder stopped feeding rounds and the slide locked up. I took it all apart and found this. Apparently a loaded 9mm round got into the box somehow and fed through the case feeder. The saw cut through it like butter and I didn't even know it was there until it locked up and wouldn't drop out the bottom. could have been interesting.


  • That.



  • Glad you're safe and I agree that is crazy.

  • Wow.
    You know who to thank

  • You hand feed into the annealing machine, right?

    It's probably wise to have a step where you put hands on all the brass like that.

    Of course it would have gotten caught in the sizing process I suspect, but either way glad you noticed it.

  • @ragnarnar

    I do hand feed into the annealer. I have a plate ordered that will allow me to set up a case feeder on the annealer...but like you said any foreign object will get caught in the press before annealing.