Thanks PT&G... or not.

  • This marks the 9th 40X bolt handle we've had fall off. ... and I do mean fall off. This action was just laying around waiting to get a barrel put on, and in normal handling, fell off. All bolts were purchased from PT&G several years ago, and they just keep falling off. Annoying in the extreme. I remember calling them up at that time when the first 3 or so popped off, and their answer was that we should fix them. Someone was clearly sleeping in soldering class.


  • That sucks.

  • Man that blows. So how do you go about fixing it? Weld, solder, or drill and tap?

  • We've done the drill/tap method in the past. This one is in Travis's capable hands right now. :)

  • That sucks.

    We were just having this conversation a month ago. Perfect punctuation to that point.

    Hopefully they get their act together, otherwise they might be unpleasantly affected by the next four years.