Which dial calipers

  • Tired of cheap ones.

    Which is a good one.

    I know mitutoyo is recommend often, but which model.


  • http://amzn.to/2n03Tp1

    I have that one. It's awesome. :)

  • That one appears to be discontinued.

    With this one taking its place: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3UA89C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Gxi1ybH3VXRGE

    Any reason you went with the 8" one? I assume for the 375CT.

  • Remember, bullet comparators eat up an inch of your travel, and then you need to be able to get another half inch or so of bullet out of the comparator.

    That one you linked looks pretty good too.

  • Ordered, I was getting quite frustrated trying to adjust my sizing die and having nothing happen, nothing happen, nothing happen, then the measurement would jumps .005" or more.

    A lot of money has been spent by me on tools after getting frustrated.

  • Any reason you specify dial calipers?

    I'm curious if those have the same issues as say a digital scale?

    I have the 6 inch mutoyos (or whatever) they rock. Measuring to half a thousands is awesome, but I get upset when I get differing measurements on each round.

  • Just easier.

    And when I say dial caliper I mean digital or dial.

    I use to have a setup to use my headspace gauges with a micrometer, but I lost access to the micrometers and didn't see myself buying any, and I'm not sure where my adapters went. (I have a feeling I left them at my old job)

    So I'm hoping that a quality set of calipers will do. Otherwise I'll have to spend some money making new adapters and buying a 2-3", 3-4" and 4-5" micrometer which would cost over $1,000 to do.

  • This is what I use to determine headspace. Not fancy...but it is precise.


  • I've always just used the Hornady one.

    Though that looks nice as well.

    I ordered one of them as well, it looks like it will be better then the Hornady ones, and I can use it in the field during load development.

  • I understand the need for an 8" caliper for loading things like the cheytec and bmg and similar.

    I guess my question is...will a 6" caliper be sufficient for anything I would shoot in the SRS? Will it work for 7LRM? 338LM?

    If it is comfortably long enough for those loadings, then I will go with a 6" for now and if I ever get into an HTI then I can buy the 8".


  • After thinking about it, I figured the 8" would give me more room to hang onto it on something that long should i ever get it.

  • I use Starrett and Brown & Sharpe. Been very happy with them for over 35 years.

  • I guess it's like some other things. Some people are fine with 6. I'm glad I have 8. ;)

    A 6" caliper will suffice for handloading any cartridge that will fit in the SRS.

  • @orkan said:

    I guess it's like some other things. Some people are fine with 6. I'm glad I have 8. ;)

    A 6" caliper will suffice for handloading any cartridge that will fit in the SRS.

    Understand, I have 6'' and a 12'' .

  • I understand. I ordered the 8". That way it is the last one I should need for quite some time.

    I guess I can retire my "Pittsburg" caliper now. 😂

  • This post is about a week late. I just had 2 I gauge EZ Cal calipers delivered. All the reviews seemed very good. Time will tell. Good info here though. Shame on me for not asking the question before ordering.

  • The other advantage to the 8" calipers over the 6" is that when a buddy comes over with his savage it will give me an extra 2" when measuring his 100 yard groups.

  • I have the Mahr-Federal Inc. digital that measures to .0005 inches. Do I really need that fine no but I have it if I ever feel like getting crazy.