Scheduled Maintenance.

  • We're going to be doing some upgrades/maintenance tomorrow folks.

    If everything goes smoothly there should be minimal interruption. If we have some down time, just be patient and we'll be back online asap.

    Thanks all!

  • I love when sites announce this and you just don't stumble on it by accident.

  • Scheduled work has been completed.

    I'd like to get some feedback from you all. Faster? Slower? Better? Worse? Good? Bad? Broken? Lets hear it.

  • What was maintained?

    (This space for rent)


  • We upgraded servers.

  • It seems faster, but it wasn't really slow before, so it's hard to tell.

    Maybe after some more playing around.

  • For me, it was great before, but I have a 150Mbps internet, so I can't tell the difference between the before and after. All was good for me before and it is so after the upgrade.

  • Running your own hardware is looking like the wise decision.
    I could never trust someone else's security with everything in the news lately.

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