Buying the same lot, different lot

  • I was going to PM Orkan but figured someone else might have a similar question.

    But how are you buying the same lot or making sure you get a different lot.

    When you order are you just leaving a note, or are you calling them.

    Unfortunately I can't buy a case or multiple cases at a time right now, but my current lot doesn't seem to be working so I just want to make sure when I order another brick I don't get the same lot.

    And these two things go kind of hand in hand to me.

  • There are quite a few places to order ammo from that track lot numbers. So you can request lots. If you order from the same place, and give them your current lot number, they may be able to ensure you get a different lot. However, most big box stores don't care about such things. Any of the outfits that are engaged in smallbore competition will gladly accommodate you. Some even have scattered boxes that are left over from lot testing that they get rid of at a discount price to folks that don't care about such things.

    Champions choice
    Champion shooters supply
    Anschutz north america
    Lapua test tunnel
    Eley test tunnel

    Any of those outfits as well as several others will sort by lot number. Most have box, brick, and case pricing too.

  • Great, I wasn't sure how you were doing it.

    I've ordered from champions choice and champion shooter supply before and figured there was a way.