US Marine attacked in DC

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    They could have easily killed him. Heads and concrete don't mix well.

    You have to be a real piece of shit to attack someone from behind. I can only hope they go down for attempted murder and anything else they can get them with including a hate crime.

  • What a bunch of bullshit.

    Those city animals can justify any behavior.

    Too bad a guy didn't pull a carry gun and start handing out some immediate justice.

  • Another gun free zone success story.

  • Did they say the race of the attackers?

    The first story I read refused to say it, but it was pretty evident.

    This is crap on so many levels.

  • They were of the racial extraction that was the subject of the Crime Control suggestion post.
    Markese Kawan sons of bitches.

  • Not that it makes any difference, but from the video it looks like he went through the door completely unaware that guy was behind him. I don't think it would have made a difference in this case if he had a concealed weapon. There's no way I'd have walked through the door not knowing that guy was behind me. Especially after having been approached earlier and confronted about "black lives" or whatever bullshit.

    They drill it into your head; stay alert, stay alive.

  • Situational awareness.

  • Quite true. ... but try to convince me the perpetrators aren't deserving of a bullet to the forehead. ;)

  • Most civilized people would think that with so many people, call them witnesses, around there is no need to be on a high alert. The unfortunate truth is these scumbags are not people and they are protected for the most part in their neighborhoods.
    That area would be a good place to enact the solution found in the Crime Control suggestion video. Clean house.

  • @orkan said:

    Quite true. ... but try to convince me the perpetrators aren't deserving of a bullet to the forehead. ;)

    Oh you're absolutely correct. I was actually thinking of mover targets though. Seems like a more economical solution then one of those track systems....


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