How are you drawing your CCW?

  • Just something in curious about.

    I don't tuck my shirts, so it's not difficult for me to push my shirt away with my drawing hand.

    And on the jacket I wear the most it hasn't changed it either.

    I have tried using my support hand to pull my shirt up, but haven't practiced it much.

  • @rhyno

    If I am carrying my OWB with G19 I can easily pull my shirt up and draw the gun with one hand. I even got the chance to practice the other day when I was on the tractor and saw a snake. Drawing the gun...even from sitting was second nature. Gave me a little confidence...hopefully not misplaced.

    If I am wearing dress clothes that have to be tucked in...and no suit coat then I am wearing a IWB with a glock 43. It is not nearly as smooth as I don't wear it often (I hate dress clothes). This holster requires my left hand pulling up my shirt and it is not always easy to get done in one fluid motion.

  • I've been carrying apendix lately and I'm never going back to any other method.

    To draw either tucked in or out I just grab as much shirt as I can in the mid stomach to low chest and pull straight up as high as I can. At first I trained hooking the bottom of the shirt, but I learned I'd occasionally miss.

    The only problem I have run into is if I have on a jacket with no stretch to it like a down parka or similar, but fortunately I don't have to wear those often here.