Two men sentenced for poaching elk

  • In the wrong area, for a TV show, and allegedly attempting to do the same thing earlier.

  • Tresspassing is one thing. Poaching elk? That's another thing. Putting it on TV? How stupid must you be?

  • I believe Nugent has been cited multiple times for offenses that might not have otherwise been brought up had they not been televised hunts.

  • It's an interesting topic. Hunting, has been commercialized more than ever before in history.

    When money of that scale is involved, rarely is it a good thing.

  • Those two got off easier than they deserve but I'll have to say Wyoming must have some damned talented game wardens to "locate the kill sites and collect evidence" months after the close of the hunting season. Around here you'd be hard pressed to collect evidence of any kill by the next morning, even if someone led you to the site. You might find a spot with the dirt licked clean but there'd not be anything to collect.

  • Confessions.

    Don't kid yourself... cops of any variety can't find their assholes with both hands, but once they have a confession it's pretty easy for them to build a case around anything. If you've ever called them to come and bust a trespasser or a poacher, you'll know right away that they can't do a damn thing without someone admitting what they did... unless you have video evidence. Which is why it's a good idea to have your property covered with 1080p full high-def security cameras, from every angle.

  • Well they did have the hints up on YouTube and TV for awhile, so that's pretty good evidence I would think.