Stay away from Mexico

  • Orkan has been saying this for years, I've seen some PG stuff related to this back in 2005 while on vacation in Mexico with the family. Armed militia roaming the streets and beaches, was very unsettling. Now even the State Dept. is finally warning against travel, if they are on-board then stuff must be real bad.

  • I have no desire to travel to Mexico. in 2010 my wife and I took a vacation to Jamaica and after that experience I don't intend to leave the states. It is very unsettling to realize that I don't have ANY rights while in a foreign country. The only place we were somewhat safe was when we stayed on resort property. We decided to go for a walk one evening...but realized very quickly that we were not safe and went back to the resort.

    Now...when I leave the United States and travel to another country...I give up all of my rights. I don't have the right to a fair trial, or a lawyer, or 5th amendment, or 4th amendment. When all of these foreigners come to the United States...why do they then "magically" adopt all of the rights of a citizen?

  • Agreed @dddoo7 . I would love to go travel Germany, as that's where my family originates from, however in today's political hostile thank you. There's plenty to see within the states :)

  • I would love to see Dubai. I think it looks like a really cool place...but I don't trust the people there enough to ever put my family or even myself in that situation.

  • I guess it depends on the areas. I have a friend that works for the company I work for that used to live in AZ and they moved to Mexico because they got a good deal on a beach front condo in Mexico. The community is a closed community and the school her son is going to teaches all kids from people from the US. She said it's pretty safe in that area, being that it's a very touristy place, the government protects it a great deal since tourism is a major contributor to Mexico's economy.

    On the other hand, I just got back from the border in TX because an aunt of mine died and she had no family, so I had to go to Mexico to make burial arrangements. There was a military check point and a force of about 800 soldiers living in new housing in the town I grew up in. There was a lot of federal police as well. It's not uncommon to see armed police and military now a days, thanx to the F**ng cartels that rolled into border towns to control the traffic of drugs and people. When there were wars between the 2 major cartels across the border from my house, I used to hear machine gun fire and even grenades going off across from my house in TX, which is 3 blocks from the border. But you are all correct, foreigners have little rights in Mexico.