Mischief as sport.

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    If you haven't noticed yet, our resident shooter and man of the cloth @ddd007 will be contributing a daily dose of righteousness for us heathens. Daniel's unique blend of being a student of the rifle as well as a student of God can help us all I think.

    Today's Bullets from the Bible reads:

    Proverbs 10:23 says, “It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom.”
    We bring trouble upon ourselves at times simply by the “mischief” we choose to be involved in. When we exercise wisdom we will seek to avoid mischief and those who practice mischief as a sport.

    Excellent bit of wisdom there. It speaks to me through my recent choice to avoid posting on other forums aside from gunhive. My being in those places to be relentlessly persecuted by those fools to whom mischief is sport, was entirely my choice. Our lives are nothing if not a series of choices every day. We can choose to be happy, or not. We can choose to be wealthy, or not. We can choose to do good, or not. Most people these days feel it is the other way around; that they are "victims" and they are simply doing what they can with what they are given. What a sorry state of affairs for those people. Yet if you try to council them on how it would be better if they would make some changes, they spend significant amounts of energy telling you all the reasons why they can't do anything other than what they are. It is amazing how much they "know" about why they are in the situation they are in, yet all seem powerless to change it.

    Poor people seem to know exactly why they are poor.
    Rich people seem to know exactly why they are unhappy.
    Broken men seem to know exactly why they can never be in a happy relationship.
    Men living in anti-gun places, seem to know exactly why they can't possibly leave.

    They are but choices. People have forgotten how to be happy. They have stopped trying to be. Instead, they become trapped under a mountain of choices, which were they to change, the consequences are too devastating for them to imagine. Hope is not made of such things.

    Faith is the only way through it. Not simply blind faith in God alone, but simple faith that you're going to be OK. The consequences are never as bad as they seem when you are striving toward something good.