Say goodbye to hair clogging the drain

  • If you live in a home with females then you know that our hair gets in and on EVERYTHING! It's especially a pain when it comes to keeping the tub drain flowing freely. Both my daughter and I have hair that's past our rears, we have thick hair and we shed worse than dogs, I swear. I've tried every dang hair catcher on the market and each one failed. I stumbled on a product called the Tub Shroom 6 months ago and it's been THE BEST hair catcher yet!
    It's unique design allows it to sit in the drain and as the water swirls around it, hair wraps around it, stopping the hair from getting into your pipes and creating clogs. With this handy device you can say goodbye to having to use harsh drain cleaners periodically to break down hair stuck in your pipes. It's easy to install and easy to clean too, which is another bonus! I highly recommend adding this to any bathroom drain where hair can easily slip down. You'll thank yourself for buying it!

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