Inline Fabrication QD Mounting Solutions

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    As an avid handloader, I am always searching for ways to streamline my processes and equipment in my reloading room. Every few years I will go through a completely new evolution and redesign of my benches. It seems that every time I rebuild, I come up with a better way to do things almost immediately after. Press mounting has always been an area I've not been completely happy with. There are a number of reasons why this has always been difficult. Each press or tool I need to affix to my reloading bench seems to have a completely different bolt pattern from one to the next. The hardware and bolt pattern needed for my Forster Co-Ax is decidedly different from that needed to mount an RCBS Rock Chucker. This resulted in new holes bored through the bench every time something new was purchased. After a while, the bench started to look like swiss cheese. I'm happy to say today all of that unpleasantness is behind me, and I owe it all to Inline Fabrication and their Ultramount QD press mounting solutions! Read on to learn about why these mounts can save you substantial time and effort in your own reloading rooms.


  • @orkan Frickin Awesome!! :smile:

  • Nice work. Someday I'm going to get my own reloading room. When I do I plan on filling it with lots of Inlines products.

    On this subject if y'all don't like the ball style knobs on your presses Inline makes awesome roller handles for just about every press. I got one for my Lee breech lock about a year ago and it's super smooth.

  • I really like this concept. I Have a homemade version of this...but not near as convenient as the inline would be. My biggest problem would be storing the items when they weren't on the bench. I don't have open wall space in my reloading room...but maybe they would fit on the book shelves.

    Btw...thanks for the review.

  • @orkan

    I watched that this morning. Good write up and video.

  • Use coupon code PRIMALRIGHTS during checkout at inline fab for a discount!

  • I ordered a few more Inline Fabrication things to tidy up a few loose objects.

    A primer tube rack was a huge help. These tubes were scattered around the bench near my CPS... but now they are up and out of the way nicely.


    Next is a little die rack. This is a great place to store random dies and dies that I'm actively working with rather than having them rolling aroun the bench.

    This rod holder is tucked up away in the corner of the room and eliminated a bunch of cleaning rods standing up in a corner getting knocked over all the time.

    Very useful stuff. :)

  • I just picked up the primer tube holder. Way better than the pencil cup holder I've been using.

    Also, I don't know if the coupon was a temporary thing but it didn't work for me.

  • Yeah, I'm sure it was temporary.

  • For me the coupon would only work for the new quick base system. I tried it for other products right after it was posted and it wouldn't work for anything but the base system.

  • aaah yes, I recall now they said it was only going to work for the QD stuff itself. Thanks @dddoo7