Stiller sold, partially.


    Sold the centerfire portion of his business. I've still never seen a repeater 2500 rimfire action function correctly, and the stiller centerfires have to be one of the most terrible and over-rated actions I've ever used.

    Maybe the new ownership will do something worthwhile with it. ... though I'm not holding my breath nor caring one way or the other. :)

  • I still believe there is a market for a quality custom repeater rimfire action. I don't know why someone hasn't made one that works yet...but at this point I would not be interested. A few months ago...before the 40x I would have been.

  • If someone would just clone the 40x action with a mag and stick PTG bolts in it for relatively cheap that would be fine, haha.

    There are a lot of custom action makers out there, I wonder how many the market can support.