Trijicon RMR on big bore revolvers?

  • I have been shooting my s&w 500 some since buying it about 6 months ago. One of the biggest problems I have with it is that the spring loaded sight keeps walking on me due to recoil and I can't keep the thing zeroed for more than about 5-10 shots. I am considering trying my RMR on the 500 and seeing how it works...I just don't want to trash a $550 red dot. I know they are warrantied..but still don't want to deal with getting it replaced. Does anyone have any experience with an RMR on a 500 or 460 or something similar?

  • I don't know how much help I can offer, but I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I have a .460 with a pic' rail and I've been wanting to buy a red dot optic for it. I have two trijicon RMR's on other smaller caliber pistols and have had no issues with them. However, I've actually been leaning towards trying out a Vortex such as the Viper or Venom.
    My experiences with Vortex have only been positive in other types of their optic offerings and I believe they will stand behind their VIP warranty (and promptly)even though that is not something you want to deal with. its also worth noting they are roughly about 60% of the cost of the RMR

  • @midwestside

    I have considered the vortex equivalent of the RMR and I know their warranty is good. The reason I haven't tried one yet is that I was disappointed with the sparc. I bought an aimpoint T1 ($650 or so) and really like it. I wanted another one for another AR...but didn't want to spend the money so I bought a sparc on sale for $200. While the sparc is probably worth the $ also reflects the price tag. It is more difficult to use and function wise is not as user friendly. I can't speak as to longevity because while I have owned it for several years I still only have about 150 rounds through it.

    If you happen to try out the venom and like it let me know what you think of it. I have a trijicon mount ordered for the 500 and will probably try the RMR I already have on it just to see if I like it. I have emailed Trijicon to make sure it will handle it (at least according to them) and that it will not violate the warranty. I don't want to deal with warranty work...but the last thing I want is a trashed RMR that they won't fix.

  • My pops has a scope on his .460 that hasn't given him any issues. I can ask him what it is if y'all want to know.

  • @norcal_in_az

    I would like to know if it is not too much trouble. I don't really want a scope...but I am interested. There are many reports of scopes breaking in the first 6 rounds.

  • @dddoo7

    Give me a day or two. I'll shoot pops an email and let you know.

  • Trijicon's response:

    Thank you for your interest in Trijicon® products. All of our optics are expected to see use on nearly any small arms platform (including .50 BMG and powerful dangerous game double rifles) and recoil should not be of concern. We do offer a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship should you ever experience an issue though. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance.

    Sounds like I should be fine. I think I am gonna at least try it and see how it does.

  • @dddoo7

    Here's what pops said. "The scope is a Leupold VX-III 2.5-8x32 handgun. I like the eye relief on this scope better than all the other ones I've tried"

    Again he's not had any issues with recoil knocking it out of zero or damaging it.

  • @norcal_in_az

    Thanks! I have actually heard good things about leupold pistol scopes. I am probably going to go with a red dot instead of a scope. I have grown accustomed to using them on my FNX and mark 2 and really like them. I think a scope will be overkill for my purposes.

  • Leupold scopes give you herpes.

    That's what I heard.

  • Alternative facts

  • @ragnarnar said:

    Alternative facts


  • I kid I kid. (but not really)

    I look down on leupold scopes all the time. Literally, as there's usually some students laying behind some. Either accidentally or on purpose. ;)

  • @orkan

    I have bought my last Leupold...and it is currently sitting on my muzzle loader. I have considered selling it and buying something else even for the muzzle loader...but I couldn't get much for what the Mark 4 would sell for.

    However...when it comes to pistol scopes I have heard that the 460 and 500 will eat a lot of "respectable" brands within the first 5 shots...and most people running pistol scopes on their 460's and 500's that are not falling apart are running leupolds. That doesn't mean they are great scopes by any means...and I have no first hand experience with leupold pistol scopes...just internet gossip.

    I will however have first hand experience with a 500 and an RMR in a few weeks when the mount comes in. As much as I love the FNX/RMR combo i'm gonna pull the rmr off of the FNX and try it on the 500. If I like it I might buy another one...problem is the more I use the RMR the more of them that I think I could use. I will also put one on my buckmark after travis is done with it and it would be nice on the Benelli M4 for home defense as well. Then I think about my airlite 44 that I hike with and it would be nice to have one on there as well...I need to just call trijicon and tell them to ship me a dozen...I'll find somewhere to put them.

  • I've never had a use for those huge hand cannons. I have no doubt they can gut scopes. I shot one once... and it was physically painful. If I need that kind of thump, I'm bringing a rifle to the party.

    I have no experience with the leupold pistol scopes either. I've shot through a few of them on various hand cannons over the years. Nothing more than a cylinder full or two on each. Always seemed cumbersome and weird to me. I think a RMR like you're going after would be my first choice as well.

  • @orkan

    I have no use for the 500 either...except that it is a lot of fun to shoot. The airlite 44mag is a handful too and also remains at the top of my favorite revolvers to shoot list....but the 44 is quite small in comparison to the 500. IF I get to where I can hit with the 500 consistently I will take it hunting this fall. It would be really cool to kill a deer or coyote with a pistol.

  • Yeah my pops has his strickly because he wants to take a deer with it one day. I've shot it once or twice before, it sure thumps real hard.

    I personally would rather have a Thompson Contender if I'm going to a big bore handgun.

  • Knew a guy who bought one of those 500s so he could take it coyote hunting.

    Not sure what he had on it for an optic though.

    I've never shot one, don't really care to either.

    For a pistol, those old Remington XPs would be interesting....

  • I guess I am in the wrong crowd here. LOL. Precision rifles are my passion when it comes to guns...but I do have a soft spot for S&W revolvers...especially the late 70's early 80's vintage. I might as easily have had the same passion for Colt Revolvers if it weren't for their crazy prices.

  • Being in a crowd isn't trendy anyway @dddoo7 ;)

    ... well, unless you're protesting so people will give you free stuff.

  • I'm not sure if I've ever fired a revolver out side of an old black powder one.

    I wouldn't mind a nice one, but not anything that big.

    The only one I've ever really wished I had was Mataeba Auto Revolver in 454 Casull because it's such an oddball. Neat more than anything lmao.

  • The thing about high recoiling revolvers is that they take quite a bit of practice to get proficient with...and they also take continued practice to maintain that proficiency. I went through quite a few rounds of 44 mag in the airlite before I got to where I could hit with it...and it took even more rounds to get the double action follow up shots to hit. It has been a while since I have shot it much now and I would need some time and ammo to get there again. I don't have much experience with high recoiling rifles...but I will bet the concept of "practice to get proficient" is similar.

    The 500 is similar in recoil to the 44 mag except that it is straight back instead of up. The straight back causes more pain in the palm of the shooters hand. The airlite 44 doesn't have a brake like the 500 it tends to have more muzzle jump...but less pain in the palm of your hand...although about 18 rounds are plenty through the 44 anyway in one sitting without a glove.

    Here are some 440gr LRN with gas check. They are being pushed with 37.1 gr of H110 and although I haven't chrono'd them they should be running about 1550 fps (or a little more) out of the 8 3/8" barrel.


  • Yeah my dad also has a .357 Blackhawk that he setup as a trainer to his .460 lol. Thats a fun scoped pistol.

  • Hats off to y'all who can and/or like shooting those bigger calibers. An old 300- something (maybe 357? idk) revolver was one of the first handguns I ever shot. It was also my last handgun for a VERY VERY long time due to the nastiness of the recoil.

  • Not trying to get too far off topic of the op's topic, but part of the appeal to me for the "big bore/recoil" 460 xvr, was also that I can load and shoot 45 lc and 45 casul in the same revolver cylinder. You could even work your way up with the recoil by loading with trail boss powder and not have to worry about the action not cycling as you do with semiautos. Some would argue that's a waste much like ....say a subsonic 338 lapua magnum, but it can be a fairly versatile handgun if one wants it to be. Just some food for thought.

  • And just while we're on the topic, what RMR do you have?

    I'm considering getting one for my edc glock 19.

    With the options I'm not sure what I want.
    I'm pretty sure I'd want a battery/auto one instead of the fiber optic type.

  • I'm not certain on the model #'s . I think rm01 and rm06. Both were the smaller moa (3.25)And the second one was adjustable. IIRC the adjustable model was not available when I had purchased the first.

  • I have an RM09. It has a 1 moa dot. I wanted a smaller dot than was available in the non battery versions. The RM09 is adjustable and also has an automatic setting which I really like. I leave it on all the time and on automatic it almost turns off when it is in the dark safe and ready to go.

    I purchased a Glock 19mos a few months ago and am considering getting an RMR for it and carrying it.

    BTW-- there are pretty good prices on RMR's on grabagun if you use their "grab a quote"

  • Thanks for the heads up.

    I was looking at the 6.5 or 8 moa dot Rmr. Nothing precision. Just fast for self defense.

    I have a zev tech slide. Once I get it built up and ensure it's 100% reliable I was going to carry that.