Browning BOSS system

  • Anyone know if the Browning BOSS system actually works? It's an adjustable compensator and threaded weight that they claim allows the barrel harmonics to be tuned. In theory, weight on the end of a barrel could affect harmonics but I do not know how much weight it would take or how far you would have to shift that weight to make a noticeable impact on accuracy. I understand that there are better rifles and compensators and that we tune harmonics with reloading variables but if the theory is sound it could be applied to to allow more precision out of factory ammo with any rifle.

  • @a_marks
    I know that hanging a 1lb (or slightly less) suppressor on the barrel changes everything. I also know that hanging a magnetospeed on the suppressor changes everything again. I would think that there is some potential...I just don't know if it would be worth the effort considering how simple it is to tune a load.

  • Barrel tuners are used in benchrest often. Less so in centerfire as opposed to rimfire, but they can still be seen. The problem with brownings "boss" system is that their rifles rarely shoot well enough to see any benefit from the tuner. The concept of "tuning" factory ammo in a factory rifle? Suffice it to say companies have been inventing clever ways to part less-than-experienced people from their money for centuries. I have experience with 3 browning rifles with that "boss" system, and it serves as a muzzle brake only. The way they shot, you may as well put a "tuner" on a shotgun.

    You don't control factory ammo. So in order for the "tuner" to provide any benefit, you'd have to buy a large quantity of a specific factory ammo of the same lot number. The next batch you buy WILL be different and require a different setting.

    So yes, in theory, the boss system works. In practicality, it does nothing.

  • What @orkan said. I don't have any rifles with that BOSS system, but I have a Savage LRH that came with a factory installed break that is nothing more than a gimmick that does nothing for shooting. It's also one of those that you can twist open or close like the BOSS. I didn't buy mine for that reason and I don't know if Savage makes any claims as to improved accuracy for that model of gun that comes with the break. In my experience, and I did no experiments to measure, but I could not tell any difference in recoil or muzzle rise with the thing open or closed. Then, after you shoot a number of rounds, the damn thing gets dirty and then it won't close. Mine is now left in the open position because I can't close it unless I take it off the rifle and soak it in WD40 and even then I have to use pliers and a lot grunting and cussing to get it to twist again :laughing: So I developed a couple of hunting loads, left the damn thing open, and that was that. I agree with Greg, I think it's just a gimmick to sell more rifles.