My first attempt at stockmaking!

  • This is the first benchrest stock I built. It was about 12 years ago. I don't know if I've learned anything since then or not.
    It started life as a straight taper barrel 1.25 to .925 but didn't shoot well so I turned it down too .900 straight. It shoots very well but doesn't like the scope attached to the barrel. You never know until you try. It is heavy. Besides the 8" long bedding block it has a pound of lead in the buttstock. Weighs in at 18lbs - 12.5 oz. The scope is a 36X Unertl.

  • Very neat.

    Did you make the scope mounts as well?

  • I've seen and shot this rifle. Super cool. There's just something special about making your own things. Wayne can shoot this thing too... you better believe it. I know you must have some targets laying around Wayne. Show these guys what a good bench gun is expected to do. :)

  • Very nice work sir. I often daydream about atempting to make my own stock. I love to do other wood working project, so thats the attraction for me. I just don't own all the right tools to attempt it.

  • @rhyno said:

    Very neat.

    Did you make the scope mounts as well?

    Yes I made the mounts as well. Could have made the rear one neater by shortening it up a little but was in a hurry to shoot it.

  • Very awesome project.
    I'm sure shooting something you helped build is a great feeling.

  • RHm2nkQ.jpg
    These are some groups I shot a couple week ago. Don't know what happened to the one that got away low right. I'll blame the ammo.