Recommend a concentricity gauge

  • My access to a concentricity gauge ended and I would like to get one of my own.
    I am looking at the Sinclair due to familiarity and price. Are there others in that price range worth looking at?

  • I have a Sinclair. It has worked well for years. However I think someone on here posted the Accuracy One Concebtricity Guage and it looks awesome in comparison. The Sinclair gauge uses pressed in metal balls to support the case front and back. They are pressed in and don't roll so they don't allow very smooth turning of the case. Same with the axial stop. It's just a static pin. There is lots of sliding and grinding when turning cases. Mine Sinclair guage has started to developed gouges on the metal balls at the contact point from repeated use. The accuracy one guage looks to use bearings and has a hand wheel for operation. Never used one but it looks to be easier and smoother.

  • I use the 21st Century with the spinning wheel. Absolutely love it. It's also the only one I've ever been around.

  • I have the 21st century. The Accuracy One is the only other I'd really consider. (of those that I'm aware of)

    I might get one just to compare it to the 21st. There are some things about the 21st I don't care for, such as the way the indicator is held and the way the wheel is held. I think the Accuracy one would yield more consistent results.

  • Thanks everyone; those 21st century and Accuracy one models look great.

  • Don't get a hornady...but if you want to buy one I know where you can get one.

    The hornady has .003" of play in the stem so you can't tell how precise the rounds are.