CZ-75 clone, couldn't resist.

  • Tri-Star S-120 Titanium $350
    Could not find a CZ locally.
    It just felt so good in my hand.
    I have essentially zero experience with a pistol other than range rentals.

    First stage pull is a bit heavier than the Beretta 92 I shot two weeks ago.
    Dry fired a couple hundred times today with both hands.
    I am left handed but right eye dominant.
    Shoot righty.
    Points so well either hand.
    If it works out a CZ-85 in the future?

    Wasted money or not?
    Holster suggestions?

    Cajun Gun Works tunes them the same as a real CZ.

    Will leave it as is for now.

  • Turns out is is the L -120 with the alloy lower and steel slide.


    Retention strap or not?


    Practice will tell. $20 OWB is all I could find for now.
    Will have to order something.
    Not very concealable but for walking in the woods will be fine.
    Will not raise eyebrows out and about locally either.
    OC is legal and common here.
    Up in Atlanta it would possibly make me a target.
    Takes CZ magazines since the MecGar mags are the some OEM.

    Spring kit to drop DA pull is $13
    Modified CZ85 trigger with adjustable overtravel is $42 and it is less curve to the bow moving it back 10mm

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