Thanks for the 40X Rhyno!

  • Best present I've received this year. Shoots pretty good too. It'll go with my collection nicely!



    I put 50rnds of center-x through it. It shoots pretty well. Very windy today (20-30mph) so it's impossible to see what it will really do. The redfield 3200 20x is cool. The clicks were out of the elevation knob when it showed up, but I tightened it up and it works good now. The objective bell is contacting the front ring, so I'll need to move that and re-mount it.

    I can keep testing or send it on. Just let me know. :)

  • @orkan Send it on to me for some testing! :)

  • Beautiful! Very nice stock..:smile:

  • Look fantastic! Can't wait to get that thing in my hands.

    Glad you figured out the scope I don't know a thing about it.

    Excited 😊

  • @rhyno Very nice rhyno!!

  • I re-mounted the scope. Definitely stress in there from the objective being clamped down against the ring base. Loosened everything up, centered it out, clamped it down... and shot some more. Really helped tighten it up as that first group was a good little cluster with no real stringing. I put a click into it and the wind leveled out just long enough to get an honest 5 down range. Nice rifle and a shooter to boot. :)


  • Well this things fun.


    Now I need some better ammo and less wind to see what I can do behind it.

    Trigger is really light, haha.

  • Awesome rifle there rhyno!!:smile:

  • Nice meeting you today. I see you both made it home in one piece. :)

    Enjoy that rifle! If you ever need to sell it... I call dibs!

  • It was great meeting you today as well, Along with @brittel and @irish

    Guys, I wanted one of these for a few years now, ever since seeing one of Gregs awhile back.

    Foolishly I just kept putting it off, and putting other things in front of it, instead wasting money on other 22s thinking they would make do.

    Well after watching @dddoo7 and @orkan shoot targets and targets with little bitty groups, or consistent poa/poi I finally grew tired of my Savage and decided to get a 40x.

    Luckily it didn't take as long as I thought it would because I got some money back from the government this year, so when it came close to getting it back I PMed Greg here and asked him if I could send the rifle to him and have him look it over when I bought one. That way we would know if it shot, and he could give it a quick look over to see if anything needed fixed on it.

    He agreed, and it wasn't very long (it might have even been the next day) that I got my return. So during lunch that day I was cruising GunBroker looking for one, and literally the last minute of lunch I spot this one. The pictures weren't the best, so I sent the seller a few questions, and then sent the listing to Greg to see what his thoughts were.

    After talking with him I decided to just buy the thing and hope for the best, it came complete with the scope and the price was good.

    I think Greg got the rifle last Thursday, and Friday he went over it and posted the results here. I asked him some questions, and told him that I'd swing up there today to get it.

    When I got there I met Josh, and we chatted while we waited for Greg to arrive, Irish (who's name I already forgot sorry 😐) was helping a couple other customers and when he was done we chatted as well. Then Greg arrived, we introduced ourselves and started our paper work.

    Guys, when I grabbed this thing out of the case, I was shocked, it was much heavier then my Savage, you could instantly tell this thing was a quality piece of gear. I asked Greg a few other questions and he explained to me a few things about the rifle and scope.

    We went to go look for something after that, I think a tacops drag bag, and when I saw a DT SRS I asked if I could hold one, and Greg said yes so they found one. Man, now that's another great piece of gear! I only held it for a bit but man that was nice. I also got to play with a CPS Lite, and I'll probably be ordering one soon. He asked me if I wanted to look at anything else and I kind of joked that I didn't want to look through any scopes haha.

    Great experience, great day, and I can't wait for May now.

  • Oh I forgot, Greg I have no plans of selling but if anything comes up I'll call you first.

    Honestly I want another, so I can leave this one as is and make a trainer with the other one, but not anytime soon.

    My first target, wasn't ideal standing over the hood of my truck, but I could tell when I missed easily.


  • That is so great rhyno!! I am happy for you, it looks and, from what I've seen shoots terrific.!!:smile:

  • This scope is interesting.

    It's a Redfield 3200 20x

    The parallax is inconvenient, but it's a neat scope.

    The turrets are surprisingly not bad, I'd say they're better then my SWFA.

    Looking forward to playing with it a bit.

  • Made in America at its peak really was as good as anything in the world and better than most. That rifle is a piece of history. Glad it is in the hands of someone that respects it.
    It is all on you or the ammo now Rhyno.
    Nice rifle.

  • That thing looks great. You are really gonna like it. My 40x is easily my favorite rifle to shoot.

  • Thats a really neat find, glad you were able to find one.

    Now I'm really starting to rethink doing anything to my Savage. Once I get my 700 done, this maybe next on my list.

    Oh and nice bag BTW. Hope its working out well for you.

  • Banned

    It was nice to meet you too @rhyno Like I said 2 minutes after I met you I already forgot your name but will always remember your name on here. Looking forward to seeing you again in May and everyone else that attends.

  • @norcal_in_az said:

    Thats a really neat find, glad you were able to find one.

    Now I'm really starting to rethink doing anything to my Savage. Once I get my 700 done, this maybe next on my list.

    Oh and nice bag BTW. Hope its working out well for you.

    It's working great when I need it. It worked well today haha. Just kind of depends on the terrain between my TAB bag and your bag.