Mark-7 Revolution - automated progressive loader



    Interesting thing. Looks like a hornady case feeder. Will be interesting to see how these run. Could be a great way to get lots of ammo without the cost of an inline setup. They are touting 3500 rounds per hour.

  • It looks interesting...but would have to be a major upgrade to the 1050 for the $10,000 price tag. I could buy two 1050's setup with autodrive for cheaper than $10,000. However if production is comparable to the inline setups then the price is less than 1/3 of what they typically cost.

    I would be very interested in a case feeder that would feed 3,500 pieces an hour though. The case feeder is the main slow down on my new blackout trimmer.

  • From what I can see, the biggest advantage over a 1050 would be the computer controlled alarms/alerts letting you know when things go south. It has sensors all over the place to tell you the "health" of the operations so to speak. Pretty friggin cool, as that is the main thing standing in the way of automated operation. Those auto-drive setups don't really detect problems and stop. They just break shit.

  • That is exactly the reason I don't have an autodrive. I can feel when something is wrong and stop the handle...whereas the autodrive just powers right on through. I will sometimes still break decapping rods in berdan cases...but I sometimes the primer sticks in on the pin and is pulled back up in the brass...then the swage tries to ram it in and I can catch that by feel...but once again...autodrive will break things. With mixed range brass I almost always run into a brass related stoppage every 100 rounds...and sometimes more. Usually it is as simple as pulling the piece and starting back up...but if I don't pull the piece it would break something.

    The sensors would be nice...and that is what I was really after with the inline presses. This will keep one from breaking nearly as many things.

    Also...I don't have a need to load rounds that fast. I use the 1050 solely for processing. I have not even taken the tape off the primer unit since I bought this press in May. Therefore I don't need all of the powder/primer related parts that come with this press.

  • I've looked into the mark 7 autodrive before for a 1050. I obviously have no need for it, but it's kinda cool nonetheless.

    Based off the literature on their site, it supposedly can detect variations in pressure with its digital controller and clutch system and stop itself if something goes sideways.

    This looks like a major upgrade though