New snipershide, same members.


    Scout sold to CBS, and guess what happens to anything gun related? Yup, bye bye!

    I haven't been posting there recently because, well, that site is slammed full of unreasonable assholes. ... but I know some of you frequent it and may not have seen that the hide is going back to the "old" site. If you had a login to the old forums, it should work on the "new" one as well.

  • I'm not a fan of that style of forum.

    Scout was terrible, but that style isn't much better.

    Compared to Gunhive anyways.

    Having an unread feature that doesn't miss topics is great.

  • I post here when I have a question and need a quick, reliable answer. I post to sniperforums to help new guys who are often being steered in the wrong direction. I post to snipershide to sell stuff. That is really what I view each forum as good for.

    I saw a post on the hide today. It was someone asking if there was some way to vet people who really know what they are talking about. He said that many times there would be 100 people respond to a question and only 3-4 that really had experience on the topic. Seems like there are people looking for truth...and offering is just that on other forums there are so many people spewing advice without experience that it is often difficult to find the truth. Hence gunhive being my favorite and most reliable forum.

    also...I told frank a couple of years ago that the move to scout was not a step forward...but was two steps back. I voiced concerns with turning over control to a non-gun community as well as concerns over changing to a forum format that was 10 years behind the times as far as features go. Frank very rudely let me know that he knew what was best for the forums and that this move was going to happen. He also promised that all of the features available on the original format would be up and running in the near future. 2 years later and features still were not available...and Frank now realizes that scout was a bad move. Told ya so!

  • Well put. :)