One judge ruled speed cameras unconstitutional....

  • I do not agree with speeding or running red lights.

    However...our government must constitutionally uphold and enforce said laws.

    1. I am innocent until proven guilty. A picture or video of my car going through a red light does not prove that I was driving or guilty of the offense.

    2. If I claim innocence in such a case I am then required to prove that I was not the driver by giving up the true driver. This opens another unconstitutional issue as constitutionally the burden of proof is on the prosecution. I should not have to prove my is the job of the DA to prove my guilt which they cannot.

    I am all for enforcing laws...but our government has become the enemy when they break laws to enforce other laws. It must be done right in EVERY case.

    This court decision needs to go to the Supreme Court so that it can be settled once and for all for all communities.

  • It's never the wrong time to make the government fear the people.