Question on brakes...

  • Is there a performance difference in using a brake for a specific caliber vs. using a break for a larger caliber on the smaller caliber. For example, will a break for a .30 caliber round be less effective on a 6.5 caliber round, then a break specifically for a 6.5 caliber round?

  • Yes, properly sized caliber brakes will be typically more efficient than those of a larger diameter. However, the effect is often negligible and lost in other noise. I very often use "over-caliber" suppressors and the negative effects are minimal, if not absent.

  • Do suppressors also reduce recoil? If not, is there a way to do both, recoil and noise reduction?

  • Yes they do. Not as effectively as the best brakes, but the good suppressors do a nice job of it. The lack of report is most welcome as it enhances shooter concentration better than anything I've ever seen.