Shooting mat

  • I currently have two tab gear shooting mats and they are well made. They are coated 1000d with a 1/4" closed cell section for elbows. They also roll up very small which is nice or will fold to fit in the tac ops drag bag in the space made for the mat.

    However I have found that if it is very muddy the water will soak right through the mat. I decided that if space and weight are really important then I can do without any mat. If space and weight are not important then I want something more comfortable.

    I bought a roll of closed cell foam which is water proof. It is 1.8lb 24x70x1". The full 1" thick will be a very welcom comfort but will also keep the mat from folding or probably even rolling. No worries as it will stay in my truck for shooting near the truck.

    I also bought 2 yards of od green urethane coated 1000d. I sewed it where one piece is green side up
    (For the top) and one side is urethane side out (for the bottom). I sewed a velcro closure into the bottom so I can take it all apart to let it dry or clean it if I need to. I am anxious to try it out. Hopefully it will be more comfortable than my previous mats where I could feel every twig.

    Total investment $45 and 2 hours.
    Here is a pic. Young shooter had to try it out. Still working on her NPA.


  • EXCELLENT_o_97048.jpg

  • Can you share a link to the foam you got or something similar? I've always wanted a thicker matt. More for my elbows, I have enough padding in my gut not to feel a thing lol.

  • Foam is sold by

    1.8lb is on eBay sold by the same company or 2.2lb on their website. Same price.

    1000d I bought here...but can be found anywhere.

    I have also bought foam from, but you have to buy $75 worth to make it worth it as free shipping starts at $75.

  • You do have the perfect starter rifle.