Urban carry holster...

  • I am looking into this holster and I want to get some thoughts from you guys. Thoughts, opinions, or personal experience would be great.

    Urban Carry G2

  • Get an Old Faithful Holster or a Crossbreed Super Tuck. Both are really nice.

  • pp536NY.jpg

    Get this one. If your gun fails you have a striking weapon too.

    In all seriousness, that's an interesting design. I have no hands on with it, but it seems like too many moving parts or places it could fail for my liking. But then again it's got 500+ reviews on their site and people seem to like it.

    What type of gun do you want to conceal? Where do you want to carry it?

    Also that commercial? "So concealed it's like the footsteps of a Navy SEAL." I closed the browser window on reflex when they said that.

  • @ragnarnar LMAO!!:laughing: :laughing: