CCW and the toilet

  • I just ran into a problem.
    Or maybe I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

    How do you deal with your CCW when you go to use the bathroom? Publicly, obviously. In the home it shouldn't be an issue.

    I've got a glock 19 and a spare glock 17 mag in an appendix holster. It wants to flop out of my belt when it's not around my waist. Also people would be able to see it under the door, which would carry legal ramifications as it's no longer concealed.

    I took it out and put it on top of the tissue paper holder, but that doesn't seem like a viable option everywhere. Also I'm sure someone has forgotten a gun like that before.

    I hope that doesn't come off as a weird question....

  • My current holster holds the gun just fine and in TN I don't worry about someone looking under the bathroom wall and seeing it. I am not going to advertise it...but if they happen to see it while I am in the bathroom it is not a big deal or legal issue here.

    I used to have a holster that wouldn't hold the gun without pants up. I would take the gun and set it in my pants. I do not recommend setting the gun anywhere it won't remind you to get it. There is a guy I know that left one in a public bathroom stall that way. Fortunately one of his good friends was next in line and brought it to him. After hearing that story I won't set the gun down unless it is where I have to move it again in order to pull my pants up. I don't think I would ever forget and leave my gun...but it is Just too big of a risk.

    Another thing that helps is a good stiff belt. I currently use one made by DSG arms that has a cobra buckle. They are a little bit of trouble to get in the pants...but hold the holster and gun much more comfortably than a standard leather belt.

  • There are lots of stories of people leaving firearms in bathrooms. I think there were 2 situations in mid-2016 where the Capitol Police were publicly outed for it.

    I use a hybrid inside the waist holster with spring clips. After my pants are down, I pull the whole holster off my belt and stick it in my pants pointed down. It's now hidden, in my full control, Not easily forgetten and more comfortable for taking care of business.

  • I don't like public restrooms, because, well... they're usually fucking disgusting. However, If I'm forced to, I adhere to the following protocol:

    I don't like urinals in public rest rooms because it puts my back to the entrance almost always. As a result, I typically only use stalls with doors. I wait for the one closest to the rear wall, which is usually the handicap accessible. I wear a crossbreed supertuck, so it stays attached to my pants quite well. I wear 9" boots, which allows me to have my ares gear enhanced gun belt rest on the top of one of my right boot and left boot, and the gun belt is rigid enough to completely support my crossbreed in the upright position. This keeps my handgun right there upright and exposed for easy presentation if necessary. The handicap stall is usually the largest, always has the door well away from the seat, and is usually in the back of the restroom which allows me to keep all activity and potential threats coming from one direction. Because the seat sits back farther from the walls/doors, I can see under the stalls farther out, in the event someone does approach. Because the seat is farther away from the stall dividers, it's harder for anyone else to see my carry, or even my feet at all without actively trying to look under. If someone were to break into the stall, I have more room to fight them, and longer time to react upon the door coming open.

  • Greg in the back stall.
    Don't interrupt a man until he has finished his business.

  • I don't carry my gun on my belt but I do carry in my purse. I too choose the handi-cap or furthest back/biggest stall. I set my purse right next to the toilet where I can easily grab it if needed. Also the handi-cap stall is nice when the kiddos are with me because we're not all squeezed into a tiny stall. However, even without the kids, I always choose the furthest back stall.

    If there is a private "family bathroom" available then I will go out of my way to use it. They're usually really big, roomy and you lock the door behind you, no stalls to deal with.

  • With the grandchildren, Family facilities will be my first choice.

  • As always, thanks for the replies everyone.

    Based on this input I'm
    a) going to get a belt without a buckle that is "rigid"
    b ) remove the holster from the belt and place it down in my drawers. I understand this isn't ideal, but it'll have to work to hide the gun from outside the stall. Accidentally flashing a legal concealed weapon here is a huge issue, and now that it's finally legal for me, I don't want to lose my "privilege"🤢
    c) take the largest stall available, assuming it hasn't been destroyed by someone else.

    The issue I ran into was when my belt buckles between the holster clips, so when unbuckled even a rigid belt would flop over under 32 rounds of 150gr 9mm and a glock. Also the buckle was the most forward part, which caused some printing.

    As an aside I'm really enjoying this appendix carry style over the others that I've tried. I'm a fairly large person (6'4" 260ish) but not fat and the gun, holster and spare mag just disappears.

  • I'm sure this video/channel isn't for everyone, but I find it entertaining at times.