H-4350 in 6.5 CM

  • Just got a 6.5 CM target rifle. I have seen many references (including this forum) that show loads of H4350 with a 140gn bullet of 41.5gns or greater but Hodgdon says 40.5C is max in their pubs and on their website. Do they under-cut all of their max loads to soothe their lawyer's minds?

  • My latest experience with reloading will hopefully keep me from chasing max pressures ever again. I just ruined 308 Lapua brass in 3-4 firings. I recommend finding reasonably moderate load that is stable and sticking with it. If you need more distance there are always bigger calibers that are appropriate for that.

  • I'm at 41.4 grains of H4350 with 140 eld's for a gas gun. At the time there was no data with eld's. I don't remember how I got there but I know I stayed under the 40 grain mark because of the Hodgen data for a long time before going up cautiously. At one time I even emailed Sierra and they said they haven't published data yet but suggested a max of 40.9 for the 140 smk's. Looks like I went as high as 42 grains in testing and I don't think I ever saw pressure signs.

  • Hornady used to have 42.5gr as the load right on their box. Obviously hornady makes some HOT ammo.

    I find nodes around 40.5-41.5 frequently.