Demonstrating ignorance

  • I am always quite amused when I see someone doing a "review" or even a "preview" of something, talking as if they are an authority on a subject, and then demonstrating in the same breath that they are not. Those with true experience are quick to see it right there on the surface, but the masses are unfortunately blind to it in most instances.

    but it seemed to be on par with other high quality actions from the likes of Stiller et al.

    Comparing it to a stiller and saying "high quality actions" firmly and completely demonstrates the authors lack of experience. Stiller actions are probably not even in the top 10 when it comes to desirable features or ergonomics. This isn't an opinion either. It's a fact among anyone with the experience to even know what is desirable in an action.

  • Why would they leave the floor model action without any lube? I would think they would grease the recoil lugs every few hours in that situation to keep them from becoming galled.

    I know there is a place for custom actions...but I just can't see ever going back to them as long as it is a caliber that will fit in my Desert Tech. The price for a conventional full custom is right on par with a Desert Tech and is much less flexible.

  • I wouldn't touch a Stiller after the whole rim fire thing. The 2000mr or whatever.

  • @rhyno

    I had considered one at one point. I am very thankful I have since met orkan who got me into a much better setup than the stiller.

  • Yea, I was interested in them when they first came out, but the tread on the Hide changed that.