Suppressor suggestions

  • I'm preparing to purchase my first suppressor. Potentially purchasing one now or at least identifying one so I can place an order in a hurry depending on how the hearing protection act progresses. I've shot them before but never paid much attention to the details. I'm not worried about having the quietest suppressor. I typically shoot groups on paper to 400 yards and steel to 700 yards. I have some fairly accurate rifles and would want a suppressor that compliments them well. My plan is to get a 30 caliber can and use it on .308, 6.5 and 5.56 both bolt and semi-autos.

    My question is what brands and models should I look at?
    Additionally are brake based cans accurate?

  • I have a thunderbeast 30P-1. If I were buying one now it would be a thunderbeast ultra 9.

  • @dddoo7
    The Ultra 7 & 9 are on the list. Would you get direct thread or CB and why?

  • I'm pretty happy with my silencerco omega.

  • @curt1521

    Which attachment style do you have and can you provide any feedback about it?

  • It depends. Mine is direct thread. If you want to use it on rifles with different thread pitches then a brake is a must. My 338 ultra that I am waiting on is a brake attach so that it will work on 5/8-24, 3/4-20 or whatever. Just have to buy a $120 brake for each rifle.

  • Brake attach ultra 7. Just great cans.

    We have them in stock. :)

  • @a_marks

    I use the ASR mounts. I have the flash hider on my 10.5" AR. Muzzlebrake on my 22-250, and I'm putting a muzzlebrake on my DTA.
    I have a SpecWar 556, sold a Specwar 762 to my brother since he was on my trust, and have an Omega. I'm about 8 months in on my wait for a silencerco hybrid.
    I first started with the 762 Specwar because I wanted to blast with it on my AR, and they are full auto rated.
    I've been happy with all of mine so far.
    I have also heard great things about the new TBAC cans.