Do not get into physical altercations.

  • WARNING!!!! This video is graphic. ... but I came across it and the message needs to be told.

    Do not get into physical altercations. Believe me when I say that some men have the ability to hit harder than you can possibly imagine. One punch is all it takes for your life to be over. There is a large margin of the population which behave like nothing more than animals. Even if you think you can take a punch, there's nothing saying the offender is going to stop. If you see someone being aggressive and violent toward you, make it known in a loud and clear voice that you are armed, feeling threatened, and you will defend yourself if necessary. Try to withdraw. If they pursue, use your judgement, and defend yourself. Letting them punch you should not be an option you entertain.

  • I try to avoid all confrontation.

  • It doesn't even take someone that can throw a punch. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while. If someone is hostel I try and keep them a foot or two past arms length at least.

  • @rhyno said:

    I try to avoid all confrontation.

    Goes without saying. Yet you better be quite prepared for people that are determined to stop you from avoiding it.

    Presumed compliance is the number one mistake most people make when in a dangerous situation.

  • I'm probably not prepared enough, if I'm being honest.

    I'm prepared, I think I'm prepared, but there's always more that can be done.

  • Seemed like the victim was either highly intoxicated or severely stuned from a previous blow. Either way a vary bad situation.

  • It was probably the head to the pavement that killed him coupled with not getting to the ER quickly enough.
    I have been the first or second person on scene at a fatal accident twice.
    Another driver and myself and a nurse watched as a young 18 year old girl slipped away right next to us.
    Massive internal injuries and head trauma. Mile 60 Southbound I-85 in SC. Wet road Saturday morning in May of 99.
    She blew past me and got back into the right lane and nearly rear ended the nurse in her charcoal grey Altima.
    It was a perfect camouflage for the road and the tail lights were not on.
    The girl over corrected left, hit the median, right over correction, shot back across in front of me onto the shoulder then left as she was sliding passenger side first and missed the railroad overpass. I saw her get ejected as the right side wheels dug into some bare rock and it snap rolled right. It was about 40 feet down to the double tracks.
    She was face down in the rock ballast on the far side with the car on top of her from the waist down. She was still breathing and whimpering barely audibly. I got angry and since I had my gloves on and a fire extinguisher started digging at the Rock. I knew she would eventually either have her lungs fill with fluids or go under from cerebrospinal pressure and require mouth to mouth until EMT could do more. It only seemed like seconds later the nurse told me that I could stop. She was gone. We could not have moved her anyhow. Her legs were across the rail with the roof of the car trapping them. We Were silently praying and only then I noticed that the radio in the car was still playing loudly on some death metal style of music that I could not even understand. It made me feel like Satan was laughing. Never had I experienced a sense of evil come up my spine that strongly. I crawled into the other side of the car and switched off the ignition.
    A State Trooper yelled down to us that the Fire Department would be driving down the track and the trains had been stopped.

    Later that evening her mother and father called me. They were divorced and it was two separate calls. She was 18 and it was the first time her mom had ever let her take the car out for the night. It was her senior year in high school and it was a graduation party before school ended. She was in a rush to get home.
    I hugged my daughter and son.

    I hate senseless death.

    The Reaper stalks every one of us.

    My EKG was screwy yesterday.
    Heart Specialist appointment next Friday. It runs in the family.
    Fight death.
    Be prepared to meet your maker.
    I hope that guy was.


  • Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet...James N. Mattis
    Words to live by.

  • Keep your shoes tied, your pants up and belt tight, get a good root and strategically retreat off of hard surfaces into grass. Don't let anyone get behind you. Palms open and forward chest high. That has been instinct for me since I was a kid getting into fights. Stand up. Never be caught sitting down. Never drink too much. Top bunk in prison. Learned that in a county jail. Dude on the bottom bunk was suspected of being a rat. I got woken up when 4 guys walked in and started beating his ass and he was trapped. I rolled over mumbling WTH? Got a finger pointed at me. "This doesn't concern you! " Well, that's a good thing.
    He ended up rolling onto the floor and crawling under the bottom bunk to take cover. Two of the hit squad were holding onto the edge of the bunk for leverage and were sitting on the floor stomping him into the wall with both legs. Jailers rattled the doors and they left.

    Took ten years to get my rights restored.
    Former brother in law told me he was the man in the house and would discipline my kids any way he saw fut after my ex gave him a place to stay for a few months.
    He is still a bum drawing SSI disability benefits because of his mental issues.
    My kids can't stand him.

    Should have let DFACS deal with him.
    Avoid the self righteous rage too.

    That kept me out of the Army.

    I was looking to change.
    That was June of 2001 and I had already taken the ASVAB at the recruiters.

  • @hypo said:

    Be prepared to meet your maker.

    This is all that matters. Among everything else we do and enjoy in this life...if we forget this we have lost all that matters.

  • I'd like to think I am prepared enough for situations that may put me or my family in danger, but one never knows. The best we can do is prepare, practice, stay away from environments where we can be put in danger.

  • That last part is the most overlooked and completely under-utilized aspect of self preservation. Virtually every "social function" that a person finds themselves consuming alcohol completely violates that rule. It blows my mind how complacent and ignorant of danger people typically are.

  • We had an incident a few years ago at the local Moose Lodge.
    People tried to stop a guy from leaving on his motorcycle while he was intoxicated.
    The drunk got angry and reached into his side bag , pulled a gun and shot and killed his former friend.
    It happened in a couple of seconds.

    Even just hanging around watching can be dangerous.
    Fights can quickly spread and turn into a mob action.

  • Never know what someone is on either, narcotics wise.