ATF needs to be destroyed.


    The end user would have to modify these parts in order for them to be considered a suppressor... so what justification does ANY agency have to restrict their sale?

    This is one specific topic that I see so many self-proclaimed freedom lovers and gun owners siding with the feds, and it makes me sick. Dumbasses just have no idea how fragile freedom is. Always shocking to me how goddamn dumb people are.

  • Hopefully Trump will do it.

    I emailed my rep and senators yesterday about a few things.

  • If these are considered a suppressor...then we are in trouble. I know that they can be modified to be a suppressor...but not without machine work. At the minimum they would have to have the holes drilled in each piece.

    This opens the door for the ATF to shut down any business that is selling pipes, threaded end caps, oil filters, flashlights, or even pvc pipe because the end user might try to make a suppressor out of it. For that matter they better shut down pepsi and coca cola because I will bet that there have been more illegal makeshift suppressors made out of coke bottles than have been made out of this guy's parts. is very possible that each of the purchasers of these parts has filed a proper form 1 and is LEGALLY finishing the machining process and turning these solvent traps into suppressors legally.

    Now...where does that leave us with 80% lowers. 80% lowers are absolutely useless without machining...but if the ATF gets a whim they will deem them illegal. This needs to be stopped.

    I really hope this guy sues...and I hope it goes all the way to the supreme court so that it will get national attention. Maybe the NRA will back the suit.

  • @dddoo7 said:

    If these are considered a suppressor...then we are in trouble.

    This marks the 5th or 6th company they have shut down and used every mechanism available to their bullshit agency to bully citizens into compliance with their will.

    Believe me, we've been "in trouble" for a long time.

    So-called "law enforcement" agencies and their officers have been at odds with the Constitution and the American people for over a century. This is just one more shining example of how they will just make shit up as they go along.

    ... oh, and I wouldn't count on the NRA's support for a damn thing regarding suppressors. That's another organization that needs to be demolished.

  • You saying that reminds me that a resident near me got raided.

    He posted a YouTube video or something on Facebook about a shotgun, someone noticed something in the background and the ATF, and Sherif raided his house.

    Everything was legal, but I believe he's still fighting it.

  • Look at video gamers for an example of how out of control those agencies are. They'll be sitting there playing a video game, and some dipshit will "SWAT" them by making false claims to police. Next thing you know every cop within 30 miles shows up to smash their door in, launch tear gas, shoot dogs, and tase people... no questions asked. Just zero to full-retard based on a goddamn anonymous phone call.

  • The ATF definitely needs to go. This is just another example of them overstepping their bounds and establishing new law by non legislated decree.
    As to the NRA, I am a Life member and have been for many years. I do not approve of the way they do some things and as a voting member, I vote for those folks I believe will take a firmer, non compromising stand.
    The main reason I support membership in the NRA is the numbers that the membership brings to the political table. I would encourage membership for this reason.
    That being said, I also belong to the GOA, described by Congressman Ron Paul as "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." I encourage membership here also and would like to see this organization surpass the NRA in total membership.
    Local and state associations also need membership to bring a political bearing upon local government.
    Living here in Hawaii I see and feel the lack of local gun owner participation and have watched rights erode dramatically over the years.


    The Washington Post is doing what it is supposed to do report the news without taking sides. It must be a first

  • Wow. A news outfit reporting on gun related things rather than doing a hit piece. ... something tells me their bottom line has taken a legendary beating by going up against gun owners for the last few decades.

  • If this trend continues I'd be amazed.

  • @norcal_in_az said:

    If this trend continues I'd be amazed.

    I figured the world was ending when CNN posted an article saying Chuck Schumer was wrong about Gorsuch.

  • My state's senators and rep are against Gorsuch; it is the BS of the Democrats to keep a non activist off of the Supreme court.
    Brian Schatz is 11 of the senators and sent me an email saying that Gorsuch was not a "mainstream" judge and that he could not support his appointment as he was so far out of the mainstream.
    When I replied back to him listing his record and the facts that the ABA gave him their highest rating as a judge as well as the fact that the Senate unanimously approved his appointment as a Federal Judge there was no response.
    The Democrats are acting like pre-schoolers, as usual and the RINO M-effers are not any better, just more insidious...Et TU Brute?

  • Banned


    Wow, very surprising. I didn't read through too many of the comments, but the few that I did read weren't super crazy either. I hope this becomes a trend. I've grown way too tired of one sided stories.