• WASHINGTON – They gathered by the thousands to watch history on television.

    They cheered wildly when President Trump said in his inaugural address that the U.S. will eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth.

    The next day, they looked on in shock and horror at the violent protests in the streets. They were even more horrified when they saw American women wearing hijabs, Muslim headscarves worn as a sign of piety.

    But this wasn’t Kansas. It wasn’t even the Midwest. It was the Middle East.

    Cairo, Egypt. Home to tens of millions of devout Muslims.

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  • “They want a young male population that is weakened, or with confused female tendencies, whether real, imagined or transgendered. They want to confuse the American youth so they are helpless and unable to fight. They want to oppress the women and weaken the men.”

    Someone should congratulate them on a job well done.