New handgun for the Army.

  • So I have been in DC for a few days now and have been told that the Army will be replacing the Beretta and go to a Sig Sauer based off the P320.

  • @jibnast
    With all the great choices out there now...why the sig?

  • I would have gone glock 22. More than one army unit with the budget to do so already has.

    In fact the highest priority military unit in the world uses a Glock 22, and they could have literally anything they wanted.

    Anecdote. I heard from an Army captain some years ago, that sig had won the initial contract that beretta now holds. Apparently the US government needed something from Italy and the Italians would only do it if the US took the beretta contract. He had even seen the cake that said "congratulations sig sauer."

    I don't know if it's true but it's interesting.

  • I had not heard about sig getting the contract. I was involved in some of the initial testing and the outcome looked very different to us. Do you know sig for sure got the contract or are they still in the running. I.e. Top three.

  • Press release on TFB and TTAG recently would indicate they have the contract.

  • @martyfranklin

    What would you have anticipated as the new handgun?