Six on History

  • There is a new series starting tonight on History channel called Six, it's about (you guessed it) Seal Team missions (I think specifically Steal Team Six) Looks like it starts at 9 PM Central.

    I'll be tuning in, Hopefully History is getting it's crap back together and will start showing good shows and not he crap they've been spewing for the past few years, Would love to see them launch Modern Marvels again.

  • I stumbled on it today...have it set to record.

    I don't have high hopes...but we'll see. :)

    Modern Marvels re-runs are a favorite in this house. It's pretty much all the kids ask to watch, well and How It's Made (on the Discovery Channel, I think?).

  • Discovery and the science channel for how it's made.

  • Well so far it seems like shit to me.