2016 was a good year

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  • Very nice.

  • How is the flavor of the Pike?
    Never had it.

  • @hypo said:

    How is the flavor of the Pike?
    Never had it.

    I like it, they have a tricky y bone running down the back.

    By the way that is a very nice pike especially on the ice.

  • Awesome. That does look like a good year.

  • @hypo said:

    How is the flavor of the Pike?
    Never had it.

    I had never had it either until I moved to SD. They taste delicious! Not much of a "fishy" taste to them at all. The biggest challenge is getting all of the bones out of your fillets. But once you learn how to fillet correctly, you're good to go! I'd say Northern Pike might be similar to tilapia or other white fish. They definitely have a taste of their own, as do all fish, but that's the best general comparison I can give.

  • Lake Trout or Salmon are my favorites.
    When the fat is in them they are like butter.
    Smoked salmon sashimi and saki till I fall over.

  • @hypo awesome, its my favorite

  • I found a great place in West Palm Beach inside the biggest Gander Mountain I have ever seen.
    I would eat there at least once a week in 2015 when I was running Atlanta to WPB frequently.
    The manager gave me a 20% discount. It had all the offshore deep sea fishing equipment and the guides would come in there in the early mornings or after taking the boats out of the water to restock tackle.
    Decent selection of used guns but over priced due to the affluence in the area.


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