An interesting take on wind

  • So I've followed this guy on YouTube for a while, he has some fun videos to watch, he uses a lot of air rifles and cameras and usually you can see the impacts as he exterminates invasive birds.

    He hasn't posted much this year, but he recently posted a video that he won some big competition for air rifles, and he said something that was interesting.

    Besides practicing a ton and being real good at calling wind and other things, he said his strategy was a bit different from every one else's.

    Here's the video around 9 minutes he starts talking about it.

    Basically he said that everyone else waited for the wind to be behind them, and shot their strings, he shot most when the wind was 90* even though the wind picked up when it did so.

    His theory was that wind is never directly behind you, it usually moves, and that if it's behind you it can move from behind and left and behind and right, and that together it moves the bullet quite a lot.

    But with a cross wind, with the same swing ( say 40* from straight 90 each way) that one the bullet will always move the same way and that because of it the extremes of the spread are lower.

    For long range maybe it isn't relevant, since wind is often switching all along the range, but it was an interesting theory.

    Of course you have to be real good at calling wind.

  • I love that rifle Ted shoots.
    Here is the video

  • This isn't a new philosophy, but a smart one.

    The rule has always been spoken like this: Never shoot in a boil.

    In other words, when the mirage appears to be going straight up... wait.

    Edited to add: I watched the video in it's entirety and he explains things pretty well.