Cleaning a MSR

  • I hate cleaning semi auto rifles.
    It just seems that I can never get every bit of crud out.
    I end up with a pile of black paper towels and q tips.

  • Complete disassembly to bare components is literally the only way to get it "all" out.

    However, an automotive grade parts washer with decent solvent and a fair amount of pressure will go a long ways. Parts washers which focus on carburetors come to mind.

  • I've made my own lube with motor oil, ATF, and some Hoppes to thin it all out. The ATF has detergents in it to help clean as it lubes. Keeps a lot of carbon from sticking to the metals in the first place. Right or wrong it seems to work well for me.

  • Use some of the auto cleaners, like Brake Kleen, Gunk carb cleaner and Mechanic in a bottle. They do a pretty good job.
    Could be I'm overly anal about it.
    Probably would have to break it down to individual components, like Greg said, to be satified.
    Not going to happen in the near future.....